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Dangers Consequences And Long Term Effects Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse

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Dangers Consequences And Long Term Effects Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse


We live in independent world which means every people can do anything they want. But sometimes, independence makes dangerous effects of health because it can lead drug and alcohol abuse. In simple perception, alcohol is a neural compressor agents which can slow down brain function to move and do a work quickly, unbalanced movement and headache. So it’s really dangerous drug which should be avoid. Especially in western culture or some Asian culture, people regular consume alcohol to make their body feel warm, to celebrate their victory also to relax their body. But, we should know in alcohol there consist some ingredient which can lead abuse. It called ‘substance abuse’ which can lead people to consume alcohol more than usual doses. If those condition happen, people who consume alcohol will losing their control and do something stupid. There are also several kind of alcohol which contain different alcohol content such as Beer consist 2-6% of alcohol, cider consist 4-8% of alcohol, wine consist of 8-20% of alcohol, tequila consist 40% of alcohol, rum and brandy consist ≥40% of alcohol, gin consist 40-47% of alcohol, whiskey and vodka consist 40-50% of alcohol and Liqueurs consist 15-60% of alcohol.

Drug is a chemical thing which can lead unusual body work. In the international control, there are several type of drugs. The first is cannabis, or it can also called bongo or ganja or grass or marijuana or pot or Thai sticks (it depends on country where cannabis distributed) is a tobacco drug which form from cannabis plant. It is a stick drug and usually consumed by smoked it. For cannabis oil and resin, it can be consumed from oral. The second is cocaine or crack or bazooka or Blanche or cake or coke or lady or star dust (it depends on country where cocaine distributed) is a powder in white color with powerful stimulant. Cocaine made from leave in coca plant. The third is ecstasy or we also called E or snakies or new Yorkers or disco biscuits (it depends on country where ecstasy distributed) is a kind of drug which can consume orally, injected or snorted. Ecstasy distributed in tablet, pill, powder or capsule form. The fourth is hallucinogens with the main types are d-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) which made from LSD in fungus which grows on rye. It consumed by swallowed. The fifth is heroin or smack or brown or H or horse or junk harry or white lady (it depends on country where heroin distributed) is a drug which created from Asian poppy plant. The sixth is methamphetamine or crack meth or ice or crystal meth or tik or shabu or yaba which created from laboratories in illegal license. It usually made in powder, tablet, or clear crystals.

All of alcohol and drug effect that I was told you are only small part of dangers consequences and long term effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Actually, there are still have more effect of using this kind of substance abuse. Today’s article I will explain what kind of long term effect of using drug and alcohol which means the development of short term effect. As we know, if we consume alcohol or drug in different amount, we can get different effect too! And, if we continue it, it will lead fatal disease come to our body. That’s called dangers consequences of using drug and alcohol.

Long term effect of using alcohol

As we know, consume alcohol can lead short term effect which can lead long term effect of using alcohol. The first long term effect of using alcohol is it can lead an accidentally tragedy such as Car crash. Alcohol can make people lost their control when they are driving a car, so it can be concluded that when we consume alcohol before we drive a car, we will driving a car in unconscious condition. Alcohol also can make people unproductive in their job and activity. The second is alcohol can lead heart disease because it can increase the risk of problems with heart. When your heart get a problem, it will pump the blood properly. Alcohol also can lead high blood pressure and stroke or maybe another disease related by heart disease. The third is alcohol can also cause liver disease which can lead several symptoms in your body such as belly pain, loss energy, clay colored stools, problem thinking and many more. The fourth is alcohol can cause sexual problem because it can interrupt testosterone and estrogen levels which can ax sexual function. The fifth is alcohol can lead a cancer around mouth, throat, voice box, esophagus, pancreas, liver, colon and rectum and breast. Another long term effect of using alcohol are nerve disease, brain damage, deficiency of Vitamin B1 which can lead amnesia, apathy and disorientation, ulcers, malnutrition and gastritis.

Long term effect of using drugs

Actually, there are some different on long term effect in every kind of drugs long. But, all of them have same effect such as:

  1. Brain damage and it also will lead of losing memory if we consume drugs in overdose.
  2. Disturb sleep cycle.
  3. Increase emotion.
  4. Lead kidney failure. We should know that every kind of drug will carried into kidney, if there something improper drug put into, it will caused injury.
  5. Cardiovascular disease such as collapsed vein and infection in heart.
  6. Drugs can attack central neuron system in our body, so it will give blood pressure, changes of body temperature, headache and respiratory problem.
  7. Depression.
  8. Irritability.
  9. Disorientation
  10. Loss of Hearing Ability
  11. Bone Marror Disease
  12. Serious Liver Disease
  13. Intelligence Slackening
  14. Loss of oxygen called asphyxiation

Actually, there are no difference between long term of using drugs and alcohol. Both of them will cause serious problem which can lead into mortality. Every country in this era are restrict the distribution on alcohol and drugs. Even in Indonesia, every people who discovered consume and distribute drugs without any permission will executed and putting to death.

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