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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Eyes Close Together

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Eyes Close Together

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Eyes Close Together – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Pregnancy Effect

Fetal alcohol syndrome eyes close together explanation can be found in some sources. Pregnancy is the best time in your life. Women will feel so happy and they think that they have complete life when they are pregnant. Unfortunately, there are some women who are not ready for their pregnancy. Some women don’t know whether they are pregnant or not because they don’t ready for this step. That is why they still do their common habit such as going to the pub, drinking alcohol, consuming some bad foods and some other things. There are some signs of early pregnancy that you must know and understand. When you are pregnant especially in early pregnancy trimester, you really need to keep your pregnancy in good way. There are some things that you must do and you need to avoid doing. Some women usually will come to doctor to check their baby condition and their pregnancy too. Not all women do it because not all women care of their body condition. Women who usually drink alcohol will give serious problem with their pregnancy and it is usually called as fetal alcohol syndrome. It is dangerous not only for women or mother but it will give direct effect to your baby too. Your baby will get some problems and disorder and you also will face birth problems.  One of serious problems that cause by fetal alcohol syndrome is eye abnormalities in your baby. What is relation between fetal alcohol syndrome and eye abnormalities? You better read more information below.

Cause of Chronic FAS

You will be able to get this problem when you consume alcohol during your pregnancy. The diagnosis will be done by doing some activities such as by looking at the facial dimorphism, postnatal growth and some other things. According to some studies we know that more than 90% children will get eye abnormalities because of fetal alcohol syndrome or FAS. There are some conditions that will occur in children with FAS such as:

–       Short palpebral fissures

Shorthened distance between outer and inner corners or each eye and it is defined as a length two or standard deviation below the mean. The measurement can be done by using small ruler and it will show whether your kid gets this problem or not.

–       Epicathus

It is the other problem that can be done by 80% of kids with this FAS. Children with ethanol exposed will get epicathus problem.

–       Ocular Hypertelorism

This eye problem can also happen to children and it is not only because of pathognomonic condition.

–       Coloboma

Coloboma riridis can be found in your kid with FAS. There is less quickly development of choroid fissure and it will cause the lack of vision too.

–       Strabismus

This is problem related with alignment of two eyes. From 11 kids with FAS, more of kids get this eye’s problem too.

–       Blepharoptosis

This is when you find drooping of the upper eyelid. It happens to 20% kid with FAS.

There are some other eye abnormalities that you still can find in kid with FAS. You need to know that eye abnormalities are not only the problem from FAS. There are some other physical and mental disorders because of this syndrome. Fetal alcohol syndrome eyes close together explanation are written by some experts and you can use as study background for your own case too. You can also find problem such as abnormalities of the fundus. What you can do when your kid gets some eye abnormalities and how to diagnose it in easy way? You can read information below.

Examination for Eye Abnormalities

During your pregnancy there will be some examinations and tests that you must pass. You must tell your doctor honestly about some problems and some disorders that you find and feel during your pregnancy. When you still consume alcohol, you need to talk to your doctor too. Your doctor will check your condition and of course the fetus to ensure that there is no problem with your baby. If you consume alcohol during your pregnancy and you are fear with eye abnormalities on your baby, it is better for all of you to do some inspection and examinations or measurements for examples:

–       Slit lamp examination for the anterior segment and also media

–       Ophthalmoscopic examination for the attention paid to optic disc

–       Measurement of your visual acuity, visual fields and also eye movements.

–       Inspection for periocular features and also possibly supplemented by using analysis and also morphometric.

Going to the doctor in early time will become good solution because you will know more things rather than you guessing all things without doing treatment. Eye abnormalities and some other disorders because of FAS can lead children to second conditions such as mental health problem, problem in school, trouble with law, and some other things.

Alcohol is not recommended for all people especially women in pregnancy period. Pregnancy is something precious time when you will grow your new generation. Quality of your kid will depend on what you do during your pregnancy too. That is why it is better for all of you to not do bad lifestyle during your pregnancy. Today you can also find some doctors to consult about your pregnancy. You need to quit from drinking alcohol or maybe you need to stop smoking cigarette too. Smoking cigarette ad also drinking alcohol are serious and bad habits that you must avoid when you are getting pregnant. If you love your kid and you want to give better future for your kid, you need to control your lifestyle and it is time to be free from alcohol and cigarette. There are some references that you can use too to know more about fetal alcohol syndrome, cause and also the symptoms. The symptoms of this FAS can be seen in easy way because some of them are about facial features. You can see it directly and there are some medications and treatments that can be done to minimize the secondary conditions or other risk of this problem. You should be aware and care of your pregnancy and it is time for you to go to doctor or expert to check your condition. You also need to read more about fetal alcohol syndrome eyes close together information.

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