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Health Benefits Of Quitting Drinking Alcohol Timeline

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Health Benefits Of Quitting Drinking Alcohol Timeline

7 Health Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol Timeline and Ways to Make a Successful Movement

There are many health benefits of quitting drinking alcohol timeline. Alcoholic or alcoholism is a term for people who often and like to drink alcohol. It occurs when a person shows signs of drinking alcohol continuously. In fact, drinking alcohol can cause problems such as mental health, social living, physical health, family as well as office problems, alcohol can also interfere a person’s life. A continuous consumption of alcohol may damage the peripheral nervous and central nervous system. It can also cause severe birth defects during pregnancy period.

Drinking alcohol in a moderate level can also bring some negative effects for health including cardiovascular disease, malabsorption, esophageal cancer, liver disease as well as chronic pancreatitis. An excessive consumption of alcohol is one of the most potential factors that cause death in the world. As it can cause dementia, leading to brain shrinkage, increases neuropsychiatric, cognitive disorders, and can also damage the developing brain. A study stated that 1 in every 25 death cases worldwide caused by alcohol. Quitting drinking alcohol can be difficult. However, the benefits will be worth the effort. Here are 7 health benefits of quitting drinking alcohol timeline, both for short term and long term benefits:

  1. You will eat less for dinner

Based on a study which published in the American Journal of Nutrition, alcohol is one of the triggers factors that cause excessive appetite. It is proven by a study published in the journal Obesity stated that drinking alcohol can heighten our senses.

Researchers found that several women who had drunk alcohol for approximately 2 glasses ate 30% more. Even drinking a small amount of alcohol can increase brain activity of women in hypothalamus which makes them be more sensitive to the smell of food and makes them want to eat more.

  1. Build better relationship

Relationship is one of the crucial things in our lives. However, for an alcoholic, it will be very difficult for them to build and maintain a good relationship with others. By quitting drinking alcohol, it can help you to improve the relationship with other people. Besides, by quitting drinking alcohol timeline, it can pave the way to communicate in a more honest and more open with everyone.

  1. Have a better sleep

A recent study of journal alcoholism: clinical and experimental research stated that drinking before sleep increases the pattern of alpha brain wave. It is a condition when your brain keeps working but you are resting. As the result, it will disturb your sleep. In addition, a review from 27 studies stated that at first, drinking alcohol may help people to fall asleep faster, but in a longer term, this habit can affect to the lower quality of your sleep.

  1. Decreasing weight

Alcohol is the ‘fastest’ way to increase your daily caloric intake without you notice it. A bottle of margarita may contain 300 calories (mostly contain sugar) or more. A study stated that around 433 calories can be gained when a person drink alcohol in a moderate level.

  1. Extend your living

Quitting drinking alcohol can increase your quality of life and that affect to extend your living. A person who is likely to drink alcohol often, usually he/she will die around 15 year earlier. Thus, quitting drinking alcohol can also make people’s life easier for those who want to quit smoking. Since almost all smokers are also alcoholics.

  1. Lower the risk of cancer

Based on national cancer institute, it is found that alcohol consumption has been related with an increased risk of mouth, liver, breast, rectum and colon cancer. The risk of these cancers is often beyond your expectation.

  1. Improve overall health condition

Once you decide to quit drinking alcohol, all of the aspects in your life will also improve at the same time. People who quit drinking alcohol will likely to perform better in their career. Thus, if you want to enjoy your life with friends as well as family, decide from now to quit drinking alcohol.


Even though many people admit drinking alcohol is very difficult, however, with the help of community support, psychological counseling and medical technology, your difficulties to quit drinking alcohol can be disappeared and the process will be much easier. If you think that you had drunk alcohol too much, think about above health benefits will motivate you. It is all started with something small from your deepest need to quit drinking alcohol and later you will gain the benefits for overall body’s health. If you want to quit drinking alcohol, below are several steps that can help you to make a successful movement.

  1. Try to drink less everyday

You may not be completely stopped your consumption of alcohol. That is reasonable. Thus, you can start your first step by trying to drink less and lesser alcohol from day to day.

  1. Talk with your doctor, close friends and family.

Remember that the process to quit drinking alcohol is risky and can be deadly. The effects from quitting drinking alcohol can be in form of panic attacks, shaking, rapid heart rate and excessive anxiety. Thus, in order to prevent further deadly risks, you need to consult with your doctor to assist your program run appropriately.

  1. Drink a lot of water

Drinking water can remove toxins from the body. For men, they are encouraged to drink water as much as 3 liters (12 cups) per day. While for women, they are encouraged to drink as much as 2,2 liters (9 cups) per day

  1. Change your drinking alcohol timeline with other productive activities

If you are used to have drinking timeline, then you need to change this schedule immediately. You can change this old timeline into other productive yet fun activities such as visiting your friend or parents or doing sport activities. A little change of this timeline can help you to break the tendency to get back drinking alcohol.

Those are all 7 health benefits of quitting drinking alcohol timeline and ways to make a successful movement for your reference.

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