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Is Drinking Alcohol Bad for Your Heart?

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Is Drinking Alcohol Bad for Your Heart?

Is drinking alcohol bad for your heart? That is the question will probably be asked by people in their session with their doctors. The doctor will have two answers; yes and no. How come? Well, alcohol is good for some cases, and it is also bad for some cases. If you like to consume alcohol and you are not sure if your heart is normal or not, obviously you need to ask your doctor about how alcohol affects your heart. Facts below hopefully will give you additional information on the advantages and disadvantages of consuming alcohol.

How does alcohol affect your heart?

  • If you drink alcohol in high portion regularly you will probably have heart problem leading to cardiomyopathy—a heart disease disrupting heart muscle.
  • If you drink alcohol excessively, you will have high blood pressure that causes heart attack, stroke, and obese.
  • If you drink alcohol in high portion once in a while like when having parties, you will get arrhythmias—a heart that rhythms irregularly.
  • When you start drinking alcohol, your heart rate will raise that makes blood vessel larger and the blood flow smoother, but if you continue drinking then your heart rate will slower. So, don’t start.
  • If you are a woman and drink not more than one drink every day or if you are a man and then you drink not more than two drinks a day, you will protect your heart from heart diseases. Beware, not all people can do this. There are some people with certain health problems who are not allowed to drink alcohol, such as people with a story of stroke, heart failure, high blood pressure, arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy, diabetes, and triglycerides. Pregnant women, obese people, and children are not allowed to drink as well. (One drink is considered 12 ounces of wine cooler or beer, 1.5 ounces of liquor, and 5 ounces of wine.)
  • Alcohol is good for us because it will lessen LDL—the bad cholesterol, it will raise HDL—the good cholesterol, and it will lower blood pressure. Please be careful, alcohol is also able to prevent blood from clothing which is good to hold back heart attacks, but this will make you easier to bleed.

By knowing the facts above, you will have to answer the question “Is drinking alcohol bad for your heart?” If you want to continue consuming alcohol and you are so afraid of sudden heart attacks, you will have to be familiar with heart disease symptoms, especially heart problems caused by alcohol like below.

  • When your heart beats so fast, too slowly, or irregularly with symptoms such as fatigue, dizzy, chest pain, short breath, and fainted. You probably get arrhythmias. You have to see your doctor right away so that your doctor will be able to determine the type of arrhythmias you suffer from. If you are suddenly attacked by these symptoms, ask someone around you to do CPR and call ambulance right away. Arrhythmias are divided by two, Bradycardia or a slow heart rate and Tachycardia or a very fast heart rate. Bradycardia sufferers will have less than 60 beats every minute, and most of the sufferers are adult people. Tachycardia sufferers will have more than 100 beats every minute.
  • When you have difficulty breathing, feel so exhausted, have pain in your chest, and you are dizzy, unfocussed, confused, you also get fainted several times, and your ankles are swollen, you probably are attacked by Cardiomyopathy. Call ambulance, your family members, or your doctor, and ask what you should do. If you are so exhausted to do that, ask someone around you to take you to the nearest hospital.

Be prepared if you have to be hospitalized by having health insurance. It is very important for you to tell your family members every time you have to go out from home as well. Have numbers of family members, close friends, hospitals, clinics, and doctors you always consult your health in your cell phone with a quickest dials.

As you know now the advantages and disadvantages of consuming alcohol, it is all up to you if you want to continue drinking alcohol or not. As long as you have the best portion to drink alcohol with your doctor’s recommendation, go ahead. If you are still afraid of suffering from heart diseases caused by alcohol then you have to do several things below to maintain your heart.

Things to do to maintain heart health for alcohol consumers:

  • Do not smoke.
  • Control yourself when you consume alcohol. If you have problems, you’d better share them with your spouse, family members, or experts. Keep it in your mind that alcohol is not the way out.
  • Exercise about thirty minutes every day or at least four days a week.
  • Eat foods that promote heart health. If you want to use fats in your diet, it is fine but you have to choose the ones from red meat and dairy products because they are saturated fat. Consult your nutritionist to have the best food with the best portion for you.
  • Do not consume foods with trans fats such as bakery products, fast foods which are fried deeply, margarines, cookies, packaged snacks, and chips.
  • Keep yourself in ideal weight.
  • Manage stress well.
  • Get enough good night sleep.
  • Have general check up of your health every six months.

Heart diseases caused by alcohol such as arrhythmias should be cured by medicines prescribed by doctors. In general, heart disease can be cured traditionally. If you want something traditional to cure your heart diseases, you will have to consume:

  1. Avocado that helps slower the absorption of lycopene and beta-carotene that are good for heart health. This will raise HDL and lower LDL.
  2. Sweet potato that contains with special substances to help fix broken body cells. It also helps smooth blood flow, and neutralize the blood sugar. You know neutral level of blood sugar will prevent you from heart disease.

Some people believing in certain religions may not be allowed to consume alcohol. Regardless all believes and religions you have to control yourself when you consume alcohol otherwise you will end up suffering from heart diseases. Hopefully alcohol consumers reading “Is alcohol bad for your heart?” article will get inspired to do all activities in their life that promote their heart health.

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