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What Is The Definition Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse

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What Is The Definition Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse

The Definitions of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

What is the definition of drug and alcohol abuse? Apparently, although many people are familiar with the two terms, not many people know exactly the meaning and the difference between the two. There are many kinds of drug and certainly many kinds of alcoholic beverages. The most common drugs include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and so forth. Sadly, these dangerous substances can be found in our environment like school, neighborhood, and even work places. Alcoholic beverages may not be dangerous if you do not drink it too much; however, in many cases, people with drug addiction cannot control themselves and end up having a lot of troubles. Yap, drug and alcohol abuse involve many consequences, especially with the law or police. For those reasons, we need to discuss each issue one by one.

Drug Abuse

To get to know on what is the definition of drug and alcohol abuse, we should start from drug abuse. Drug abuse is commonly used to define the use of illegal drugs or misuse prescriptions. Drug abuse has countless negative consequences as well as direct damages. Usually, drug users experience blackouts, in this condition, they tend to forget what they have done the night before. They also constantly talk about using other kinds if drugs. As mentioned earlier, they have problems with the law or they get suspense from school or work places.

Most drug abuse cases begin in teen years or even childhood. There are several factors that contribute to this issue.  Family is the one that responsible for the early development of a child. So, someone who is neglected in his or her family is most likely having more possibilities of becoming drug users. Other family issues like genetic risks, it happens if drug abuse runs in the family. There are also issues of divorce or abusive parents.

Other factors come from outside the family. These factors include socialization in school and neighborhood. If a child hangs out with drug users, he or she may join them one day.

People, especially children and teenagers, who are drug users usually, have poor performance in school such as declining grades and also lack of social coping skills. They also give up their dreams and past activities like sports or hang out with friends. They become aggressive, and they lose some of their precious possessions like money or stuffs. They often feel hopeless and depressed, they become selfish and ignorant. People with this problem also like to get high on regular basis, lie frequently, and take foolish risks.

People with drug abuse tend to get anxiety and panic. Sometimes, they become paranoia. They suffer mood swings, insomnia, memory lost, bloodshot eyes, and sore throat. They begin hallucinate and cannot maintain their concentration.

Drug like marijuana will get you high within seconds, but if you eat foods that contain this substance, you will get high in 30 to 60 minutes. Cocaine is considered as a strong stimulant. It has many names like coke, crack, and snow.  This particular drug is the one that brings euphoria. It boosts people’s confidence as well as their energy.

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is known to be same as alcoholism. This issue endangers the drinkers’ life and also other people’s life that live around them. Alcohol abuse concentrates on how it affects the drinkers, so it does not concern on the amount of the alcohol.

This issue leads to physical damage and even death. Well, many people drink alcohol, but not all of them end up as an alcoholic. Usually, this habit starts from just “having a good time” with some friends. There are many signs of alcohol abuse. Each person may show different signs. Alcohol abusers often neglect their responsibilities, they have troubles with cops since it is hard for them to avoid drinking and driving at the same time. For that reason, they also encounter financial issue, their relationship with their love ones are often ruin, they become aggressive and violence. Sadly, alcohol abusers drink to let go of their stress or to boosts their confidence. Some cases show that alcohol abuse is more severe on women than men.

Smart Treatments

There are several treatments for drug users. The first thing they must do is to share their problem to their love ones or people who are not drug users and have close relationship with the users. Getting support and motivation and knowing that they are not alone is important to prevent them from getting worse. Second, they must seek medical care. Usually, the doctors will prescribe medication that will help you to overcome or reduce you from craving for the drugs. People with this issue should maintain their communication with their doctor. Third, they must immediately go to the hospital if they have thoughts of harming themselves or even others. If they experience rapid heartbeat, chest pain, or difficulty breathing, they also need medical treatment right away. If your friend or love one suffers ongoing hallucinations and memory loss, you must take them to the hospital too.

Meanwhile, treatments for alcohol abusers are emphasized more on self treatment. The treatments include having healthy lifestyle. The alcohol abusers are also recommended to make new friends to support them. They are also suggested to develop new hobbies that will make them more active like exercising. Going to rehab and support groups will be good for them since it will encourage them to stay away from the alcohol. They also must learn to deal with their stress by doing some positive activities like meditation, or yoga.

Generally, drug abuse and alcohol abuse can be differentiating from the legal position. Drug abuse is definitely illegal. So, drug abuse is against the law and may have direct consequences from the authority; meanwhile, alcohol abuse may not be illegal. However, alcohol abuse may cause serious troubles like violence as well as drunk driving. People with these issues often end up in jail since they could harm people around them. Hopefully, the information above will help you or someone you know to solve the drug and alcohol abuse. So, certainly now you know what is the definition of drug and alcohol abuse right?

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