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High-Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome in Adults

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High-Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome in Adults

High-Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome in Adults

Asperger’s Syndrome is mostly known as a type of milder autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that begins in infancy. The initiation symptoms usually appear before a baby reaches two years old and last to adulthood. It means that the high functioning aspergers symptoms in adults will still be recognized clearly. Though the early symptoms may stay up to the adult life, some symptoms may appear differently.

The Asperger’s Syndrome Classification

Asperger’s Syndrome was first introduced in 2013 in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder the 5th edition as a new classification for milder ASD. The research showed that Asperger’s Syndrome is indeed different from the general autism. However, the finding about Asperger’s Syndrome is not enough to classify it as particular autism nor a psychological condition out of autism. Then, Asperger’s Syndrome still come as a type of milder ASD.

Since the exact condition has not yet been identified clearly, a single diagnosis of Asperger cannot be given. The professionals prefer ASD as the main diagnosis for Asperger’s Syndrome. In this case, the treatments for Asperger are multiple treatments to cure the symptom. Generally, the symptoms can be reduced maximally when the patients are treated since their early age. Even so, the symptoms will last to the adulthood in which the patients need special treatments for the symptoms that appear in their adult life.

The general symptoms in adults

There are some general situations that lead to specific high functioning aspergers symptoms in adults. Based on the research that was conducted in 2013, there are more males than females who suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome. Both males and females experience similar symptoms, such as:

  • They have at least average intelligence
  •  Difficult to communicate in high context and complex language skills such as making predictions, verbal reasoning, and problem solving. In most cases people with Asperger tend to perform impairment pragmatic understanding.
  • Difficult to understand other people’ facial expression and emotion.
  • Have very strict personality, they tend to be very faithful to their routines and feel guilty, upset, and anxious to do something out of their routine.
  • Extremely love something or their hobbies.

Besides the general symptoms, people with Asperger’s Syndrome also suffers particular emotional condition, especially when they have to interact with other people. Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome have serious problem to understand other people feeling and emotion that are commonly expressed on their facial expression and eyes. This condition makes them usually unfairly judged as being selfish or not charming. Most Asperger patients would be very surprised when they are told that their attitude is hurtful for other people.

Another symptom will also affect their sexual life. Sexual codes seem to be one of the most highlighted high functioning aspergers symptoms in adults. Most of them struggle in intimate relationship. In most cases, their Asperger’s Syndrome leads to perform inappropriate sexual behavior. For example, to something sexually inappropriate for they do not understand any sexual code. Some professionals prefer calling it ‘immature’ or ‘delayed’ sexual phase. It makes them difficult to comprehend sexual rules in their society.

The sexual symptoms make them difficult to make successful relationship. They have some serious issues. There are some common issues in a relationship with a person who suffer Asperger’s Syndrome, such as:

  • The partner may feel over responsibilities for their partner
  • Feel depressed for their needs cannot be fulfilled
  • Feel lonely and craving for emotional from their friends and other family members who mostly do not really accept the symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Feel hopeless since they always hope their partner to be cured from their Asperger’s Syndrome, in some cases the partner may also feel a sense of isolation and feel like nobody understands their relationship conditions.

Suggestions for people with Asperger’s Syndrome

In fact, even a person with Asperger’s Syndrome have to survive for a living. There are several suggestions for people with Asperger’s Syndrome that can also be helpful with their friends and family.

  1. Get the right treatments

It is true that Asperger’s Syndrome cannot be cured. However, we can reduce the symptoms and improve the conditions. The most important thing is to get the right treatments. The treatments should cover emotional or psychological treatments to manage emotions and to learn how to express it. It will be helpful for them to also understand other’ feeling and emotion. Another treatments should cover language training and medical treatments. The main issue here is language issue, especially when they have to engage in complex conversations. Meanwhile, medical treatment is needed to support their health and mental conditions that have to be given in corporate with other treatments.

  1. get the right job

For a living, it is very suggested for people with Asperger’s Syndrome to look for a job that requires visual thinking instead of communication. There are several jobs such as computer and software programming, commercial arts, photography, mechanic, artisan job, and maintenance engineering. For them who are really good music or math, some jobs such as accounting, copy editor and copy writer, filing documents, and musical tuner can be the perfect jobs.

  1. don’t be too ambitious

Some people with Asperger’s Syndrome who have understood their conditions, tend to force themselves too hard to be like others. It is not a good a thing. They have to accept themselves and be happy with their conditions. High expectation may get them depressed and worse symptoms may appear. Talking more with the therapist and family members who understand their conditions is the best way to improve their conditions.

  1. most important thing to consider

The most important thing to consider is that people with Asperger’s Syndrome has serious issues in their social skills. It is suggested for them to train themselves in specific treatments. But they cannot take a job that requires complex social skills. Any job that requires a lot of social interactions will not improve the person’s social and emotional conditions. In fact, it will make the high functioning aspergers symptoms in adults even worse than it is expected.

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