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How Do You Pull Yourself Out Of A Depression

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How Do You Pull Yourself Out Of A Depression

Psychology Guides: How to Pull Yourself Out of Depression

How do you pull yourself out of a depression? Some people would love to talk about what make them depressed, some other may not want to talk about it. It really depends on the personality and situation. However, there are at least some guides to help you pull out yourselves out of a depression.

Defining depression

According to Farrokh Shorabi, MD from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, we have to observe ourselves whether we really are depressed. The symptoms can be pretty similar to tiredness or stress, such as loss of pleasure in any kind of activities, change in sleep habits, fatigue, difficult to concentrate, and even suicidal act. Pay attention on the symptoms, if you feel the symptoms up to two weeks, you are indeed depressed.

Find the reasons

Dr Lissa Rankin suggests us to try to find the reason why we get depressed. There are countless reasons why people get depressed. Some may have relationship problem, financial problem, or work problem. According to Dr Rankin, most people have actually known the main reason why they get depressed, but they are not honest to themselves. In most cases, the real condition is not just as bad as they thought. The psychological condition trigger our brain to over think or to deny the situation that makes the situation more depressing than it actually is. Therefore, we have to be honest to ourselves and accept that we are facing a difficult situation. It would help us focus on the problem solution instead of doubling the negative feeling and thought to the problems.

Exercising in an open space

So, how do you pull yourself out of a depression? After finding the reason why you get depressed, you can try to exercise in an open air space. Ian Cook, MD, the director of Depression Research and Clinic Program at UCLA, explains that exercise would make you feel temporary healthy. Exercise trigger your body to produce hormone endorphin that calms your body and brain. It would be even better if you are exercising in an open air space. It does not have to be a hard and long exercise, in fact you just need 30 minutes to exercise in an open air space such as jogging or swimming. Jogging or with somebody to whom you can have some casual conversation would make your exercise time really fun. This kind of exercise would also expose your body to sun light that would make you fresh.

Get enough sleep

It is very important to get enough sleep. Depression would not only make you stress, but also tired. You need some sleep when you are tired. If you feel like it is difficult to sleep, you can try to drink a glass of warm milk with some dark chocolate before bed. Milk has high calcium, vitamin A, B, and D that would fulfill your energy needs as well as to help you fall asleep faster. Meanwhile, the chocolate would make you calm since chocolate would trigger the production of serotonin hormone that calms you. It can also be helpful if you listen to some music that gets you relax.

Eat more magnesium and vitamin B

You need more magnesium to balance your heartbeats and   circulation. It can prevent you from getting heart attacks and high blood pressure. You can eat more banana and almond that would fulfill your magnesium needs. Meanwhile, you also need extra supply of vitamin B to boost your mood and fight fatigue body. You can get extra vitamin B from fish dish such as mackerel, cheese, milk, spinach, lentils, and peanuts. It would be much more helpful when you also drink more water to keep you hydrated and absorb the nutrition better.

Natural aroma therapy

Have you ever tried chamomile tea aroma therapy? You can enjoy a cup of chamomile tea while enjoying its aroma would be very helpful. The smell chamomile would get you relax and sleepy. It would also make help you to stay positive. You can also have some bags of chamomile tea under your pillow to get you relax during your night sleep.

Smiling therapy

Even if you fake a smile, your brain is triggered to be happier and think positively. Therefore, a smiling therapy is indeed worth to try. You can just sit or stand in front of a mirror, then close your eyes for 8 -10 second while taking a deep breath. Then, you can open your eyes slowly and smile for some seconds while looking at your smiling face. Do this therapy twice a day, in the morning before starting your activities and before bed to help you be positive and happier.

Spend sometimes with cat or dog

This is for you who love either cat or dog. You can spend sometime playing with either cat or dog. According to some research, cats and dogs are able to feel human emotion and they would cheer up sad and depression people. The fur of dogs and cats is also soft. Only touching, caress and playing with dogs and cats would get you relax and happy. It can give you a nice break for a while.

Join a club

If you have some leisure time, you can try to join a club, any club that you love such as a sport club, social club, or any kind of hobby club. Though you may not talk about your problem, joining a club would get you a positive environment and great friends with similar interest. Socializing sometimes is the best cure for depression especially if you get depressed of such situation that you cannot change. It can also be a great idea to join some social act or movement. Sharing something to others can also be a great way to make you happier and look at your problem more positively. In some cases, you should also consider therapy or medical treatment to answer the question of “how do you pull yourself out of a depression” if the depression has already affected your physical condition.

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