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How to Cure Depression by Yourself

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How to Cure Depression by Yourself

How to Cure Depression by Yourself

You may need a long process to learn how to cure depression by yourself and get recovered from it. There are various treatments for depression, yet you should wait quite a long time to notice the effects. It could take weeks or even months of time to see the health care provider to treat depression and start lifting your mood.

The antidepressant medications could give improvement soon after you start consuming, but you need at least three weeks to bring back your good mood. Moreover, one or two combined medications may not work, in this case you should start from the beginning again to find the suitable medications.

To help you feel much better or just keeping yourself from the worse depression, you should do and avoid some things in the meantime. The psychologist and also the assistant professor of family medicine and psychiatry of the University of Michigan, James Aikens, PhD said that you are responsible to your state of mind, even though not entirely. The responsibility is not for your depression condition, but how you are responsible to try feeling better so you can start understanding how to cure depression by yourself.

Baby Steps

Someone in depression condition is more likely to hide out, do nothing don’t like with anyone. Even though you don’t want to, it will be better to be active. It is not a matter of like doing something, but how capable you are to do something. However, Aikens said that you may not to be overreach or when you don’t accomplish the plan, you will end up to the worse feeling. Just purpose an 80% to 90% of goal.

Dan Bilsker, PhD, a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry of University of British Columbia in Canada said that the overly ambitious goal commonly ends up to make someone depressed. Bilsker is a co-writer of a guide for depressed people to self-care themselves. The writing is available online for free provided by the Mental Health Evaluation and Community Consultation Unit of the university.

However, you can’t hope for immediate result to leap out of your depression and turn the life around. Just start from the very small, specific and detailed goals. So how to cure depression by yourself is; you need to break and spread the tasks into smaller tasks to make them easy to accomplish.

Get Socialized Again

If you went away from socializing, now you should go back to socialize. You shouldn’t attend a party and then commanding the room. Just start from a little thing by getting out and see some friends. You can plan to meet someone while enjoying coffee time. Otherwise, you can return a book that is ever borrowed from a friend.

Seeing a friend will help you talking to someone else about the problems you face. You shouldn’t find a friend that can act like a therapist, but only to listen your story. Find a true friend that can help you feel better by listening you; not someone who is irritated or giving harsh advice to you. On the other hand, you may join a support group that can listen to you in 6 to 8 weeks.

Besides, you also can do kinds of things that give enjoyment and satisfaction but you don’t do it for a long time. You can start from small steps before you can go back to it totally. For instance, if you like painting, you can start from making some sketches first before you start painting again. Aikens said that it will maintain and extend the psychological range of motion. You can think to do a bigger thing while the depression is loosened up. Then it can become an effective way of how to cure depression by yourself.

Go Away from Depression

When you are feeling well, you might love doing exercise. It will be unenjoyable when you are depressed. But you should try to have a little exercise anyhow. Make sure you take care of yourself well when you are in depression. By doing some exercise, it is proven effective to make better a depressed one. Just like the aerobic exercise that has been studied for decades to improve mood in depressed people.

Some research have found recently that aerobic exercise is recommended by depression patients so they can have better health in general. The exercise can be done in about 30 minutes and at least five days per week; it will improve depression much.

Another study was also published in January 2005 by American Journal of Preventive Medicine. It involved the patients of mild-to-moderate depression and they did kinds of exercise as long as 12 weeks. Even those who only did stretching exercise had some improvement and those who did the recommended exercise improved best. The result was; 46% of the patients reduced their one-half symptoms and 42% of them lost the depression at all as the end of the study.

You also can do this simple way of how to cure depression by yourself. Start from a slow exercise type and know your capability to do it and then start from an easier exercise before you do the exercise that you think easy. Aikens said that you shouldn’t make any expectation, just do the exercise so you can feel enjoyment, cheerful and totally undepressed after the simple exercise.

Try to have fun with friends or siblings by joining a chore, watching movies to the cinema, or just going out for dinner. It may sound strange that you can cure depression by doing such simple things. But it is and it has been proven in some research. You may lose the capability to enjoy life and having fun when you get depression. But you should relearn to enjoy it until you can feel that the fun things again.

Therefore, it is the time to move on, feel that you yourself is useful and have a great future to step on. Set your mind that you can have a better life and enjoy fun things with friends. In this way, you can get rid from the way of how to cure depression by yourself.

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