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Biological Etiology Of Bipolar Disorder

Biological Etiology Of Bipolar Disorder

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In the Term of Biological Etiology of Bipolar Disorder

Focusing to acknowledge ourselves about biological etiology of bipolar disorder will probably be narrowed again to a specific categories of which biological etiology is there for a bipolar disorder. Starting up our brains from the term, we need to bear in mind that biological etiology is a knowledge that involves biological reasons and causes that do not hook to external reasons. Etiology itself means the scientific study of the cause of diseases. So, in this brief article, we are about to learn one particular subject about the causes of bipolar diseases that nowadays attack many people. As simple as that. But, will the disease and suffering be as simple as that as well?

Unfolding the Term of Biological Etiology of Bipolar Disorder

Imagine ourselves being isolated from other people, from their social live, from their group, and we are there curling beneath the darkness when actually, we clearly see that light in the end of the tunnel. We surely can do something beyond our expectation. We can always maintain that as well, if we wish. Do we wish? Not apart from the isolation and such, the bipolar disorder that includes in biological etiology term, is partly separated from external causes such as environment. Later in the following paragraph, we sure will find out the three main reasons and causes of bipolar disorder. The aim and purpose is simple, to make us understand the roots, so we can also fix us, or help those who suffer out from it.

Learning the Biological Causes

There are basically three major things behind the causes of bipolar disorder. They include genetic, physiology, and environment. As pure, as untouched, and as neutral the biological cause is, the three main reasons are actually supporting each other. They are supporting each other like an injured healed by a plaster. The tissue will also soon be gathered as soon as saliva is dropped. As close as that, sometimes we simply cannot divide them. However, the biological etiology plays an important role. The genetic and physiology do play a very critical role. The role they play can be a good reason for them to stay, not wanting to leave our body and bam! We’re doomed. But, no. That is not going to happen. Having ourselves survive is critical as well, right?

Closing the Gap – Percentage and All

If we are talking about how a gen from parents can be given credits, the answer is very simple yet complex at the same time. If we have one parent with bipolar disorder, we are likely to experience the same and having 15-30% of this brains, and feelings problem. If both of our parents suffer from bipolar disorder, the chance will increase up to 35-45%. It means that we are having a pretty big chance to experience this in the scale from 50-75%. Of course, it is not a good news. But, who can choose from which parents or family to be born at? The problem is now not going around the cause anymore. It is us who then decide what kind of life we are dreaming of?

From Genetic to Physiology

Inside our brains, there are millions of micros that control our body. One is called as neurochemistry system. The system relates to mood disorders. This can be triggered from stress oxidative. Stress oxidative is a condition where our body is lack of antioxidant and is poured by a huge amount of free radical, as a result of lacking the immune system. Not having free radical is critical. It will cause our brains to not properly give a proper message and transfer it to our body. In short, it loses it connection and creates a dysfunction. Dysfunction of bodies will then create a decrease in so many aspects. It will then lead to our psychology. We will likely feel weak and less motivation. And that leads to depression.

Besides the neurochemistry system, the part of biological etiology of bipolar disorder in physiology is neuroendocrine. Neuroendocrine relates to hormone that will also be related to depression. Yet, the depression caused here is more specific. They are specifically pointing to sleep deprived and loss appetite, the hormone that will drive all possible conditions. Sleep deprived and loss appetite will even cause another problem. Once when they happen to disturb us, our life balance is no longer exist. We shifted the weight on it and we do not have any more ability to balance them. What comes after that? The depression. Another question might pop up: What should we contrast all?

The answer is simple. Contrasting between the matters of physiology the genetic, and the environment in bipolar disorder will lead us to a better knowledge. We must be wanting ourselves to be likely aware of things going round our heads that are made and consisted of millions and millions of particle. And understanding one or two from all would be very beneficial. Somehow, we are believed that we are the only matter thing we have. Instead, the social life, good friends, good food, and good vibes do support all. Though genetically and physiologically bipolar disorder is in internal matters, the external factor can also worsen the condition. What makes it interesting is that it can also ease up and beat the bad situation.  What does that even mean?

Striving for Solution

The simple concept lives forever. Trying to be nice for also a nice feedback. Do not ever try to worsen it. If we feel like we are in the situation where we could possibly suffer bipolar disorder, meet a right person and talk it out. Admit and take it wisely so we know what is wrong going on inside our heads. After that, we also have to see our lifestyle. Have a look. Have we eaten and consumed properly? Have we done some sports to keep the free radical away that will lead to stress oxidative? At last, befriend positive friends and colleagues who bring positive vibes inside their souls. Make sure that each part of your heart is fulfilled. Well, fulfilling that is the same like we fulfill the need to know about biological etiology of bipolar disorder. Help other, share more.

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