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12 Very Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack

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12 Very Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack

What is a heart attack?

Heart attack or called myocardial infarction is the killer of people both men and women in the US. Based on the survey, it is number one dangerous killer. In one year, there are 735,000 cases that people got heart attack. So it is better to know very early warning signs of heart attack. This disease which related with heart is the major cause of death. The cause of the heart attack which leads to death is the ventricular fibrillation of the heart. Normally, it happens before the patient can arrive at the hospital or emergency room. If the patient is able to get the emergency room, they will get great prediction, the survival using modern treatment of heart attack can be succeed to 90%. Only 1 until 10% of the patient dies afterward because they suffer serious damage of their heart muscle. In addition, the patients who suffer other damage afterward will be in the 1 to 10% possibilities.

Luckily, there are procedures which are really helpful. They are coronary angiogram, coronary balloon angioplasty and also clot dissolving drugs. They can open the blocked arteries quickly in restoring the circulation to heart and prevent the damage in heart muscle. To optimize the treatment and prevent the damage in the heart, the heart attack patient should get the treatment to open the arteries which are blocked. It is better to give the treatment earlier during the heart attack. Don’t rely the measurement only on the blood pressure because it doesn’t mean that the patient is having heart attack. The blood pressure may be low or normal or even elevated during the heart attack.

What are symptoms of a heart attack?

Understanding the very early warning signs of heart attack is so important. You can recognize it right on time and get the treatment as soon as possible. Most of the heart attack case happens slowly, not as portrayed in the movies. The patient who is experiencing heart attack may be not sure about what happen to them. For each individual, the symptoms may be varied. Moreover, the patient who has ever experienced heart attack may get different symptoms in the next heart attack. Although, the most general symptoms of heart attack are chest pain, the patient may have different symptoms. Here are the list of the symptoms and very early warning signs of heart attack in detail.

1. Chest ache, obvious as pain, fullness, and pressing sensation of the chest

Chest pain is the one of the characteristics of heart attack symptoms. Although in some patients, they can experience different form. Even in some cases, the patient doesn’t experience the chest pain. The description of the chest pain of the heart attack is the feel of pressure, fullness, squeeze, or pain which begins the middle of the chest. The ache in the chest normally will last over few minutes or sometimes it will come, go and come back again. The pain can extend to the arms, back, or to the neck and head. Most people both men and women tell the chest pain as the major symptom of the heart attack. However, women experienced more often than men. Women also experience other symptoms like jaw pain, nausea or shortness of breath.

2. Headache, toothache, and jaw pain

The pain caused by heart attack can extend to both arms, then to the head or jaw or to the back. Some people tell they have toothache and headache as the very early warning signs of heart attack. For some cases, it is possible to have these pains rather than have chest pain during the heart attack.

3. Shortness of breath

The shortness of the breath is like the feeling you gasp for air. It is also the general symptom of heart attack. The difficulties or the shortness in breathing is called dyspnea. It may happen before or during the chest pain. For some cases, it can occur as the heart attack symptoms without chest pain.

4. Nausea

Ache on the stomach or nausea is less general than other symptom of heart attack. When the patient got nausea then it follows with burping. Some people tell they feel like indigestion which leads to heart attack. Women are having this symptom more than men. Some patients even describe themselves like having the flu.

5. Vomiting

If the nausea as the very early warning signs of heart attack comes so serious then it may be followed by vomiting.

6. Common upper middle abdomen discomfort

Sometimes people describe the stomach pain as the pain of the heart attack. The pain can be felt in the center of the upper abdomen. The pain is like the discomfort of heaviness. It is not like the pain of sharp and stabbing. The pain will last more than minutes. This can happen in the chest area whether with or without pain.

7. Sweating

Heart attack can be accompanied by sweating. Some patients describe this as they have cold sweat.

8. Heartburn and indigestion

As stated above, some people have burping and belching when they have heart attack. They describe those feelings as the indigestion. Actually, the pain of heart attack may arise in the area of upper middle abdominal. It is almost the same like heartburn pain.

9. Arm pain

When the chest pain spread, it can extend to one or all arms and shoulders. This happens often. Moreover, the pain will spread to wrist and fingers. Generally, the pain is mostly happened on the left side but it can happen on the right side.

10. Upper back pain

The common location of the spreading of the pain is in the upper back. Generally, the pain is between the shoulder blades. If this back pain happens, it may be the very early warning signs of heart attack.

11. Common vague feeling of illness

The feeling of unwell can be coming through other symptoms of heart attack. It can be fatigue or lightheadedness. Some people have serious anxiety or panic when having heart attack. That’s why people sometimes are confused between the symptoms of panic attack and very early warning signs of heart attack.

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