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 Articles On Childhood Obesity

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 Articles On Childhood Obesity

Articles on Childhood Obesity

The recent articles on childhood obesity show that there is higher number of childhood obesity rise by research from World Health Organization.  The number, released by commission on Ending Childhood obesity say that there are 6.1% of under -five that experience overweight in 2014,  increase 2% from previous rate 4,8% in 1990. Even, there are lower middle income countries that shows increase the number of overweight children more than twice, from 7.5 million into 15.5 million. The childhood obesity has become a nightmare in developing country. In 2012, there is prevalence of obesity in children at age 6-11 years that increased about 7% in 1980 into 18% in 2012.

Causes of Childhood Obesity

There are several reasons why children become obesity. The most common causes of childhood obesity is come from genetic factors, unhealthy easting habit, lack of physical activity and combination from both. There also condition where overweight and obese are causes by medical condition such as problem of hormonal but it is too rare. There are requires blood test and physical exam to find out the right causes of obesity.  The genetic factor is come from families that run with obesity. Children who have parents or brother and sisters that have overweight problem in increased their risk in being overweight by themselves. However, this also can be linked with family behavior such as activity and eating habit in their family.  The children total diet and activity level is an important tool for determine the children weight. In recently, there are many children are spend a lot of their time to be inactive. There are many children spend more than 4 hours each day for watching television. More computers and video game makes them sitting and spend a lot of their time without meaningless physical activity. It is reported that children spend their 7,5 hour to entertainment media.  The combination of deluge fast and junk food, with availability of liquid and empty calories has changed children to eat.

The children weight status is also determined with BMI for age percentiles. The calculation for weight category is based from their age and BMI. A child is tend to overweight when their BMI age percentile is over 85% and deemed obese when it is reach over 95%. The lifestyle change also has significant causes for obesity in childhood. Children are used to consume one snack a day, while recently there are 1 in 5 school age children now are eating 6 snacks a day. The portion of food and drink are bigger with larger sweetener from the past.

The Disease of Obese Children Risk

There are several conditions that risk by obese children in their next future if obese if not treated well.  The disease such as high cholesterol, early heart disease, diabetes, bones and skin problem conditions such as heat rashes, infection of fungal and acne can be appears in their early age. In articles on childhood obesity  at 2007, the population surveys of 5-17 years old reveal that approximately  70% of obese sufferer both of children and adolescent have risking having at least one cardiovascular disease and this can established with increase the risking for musculoskeletal disease, diabetes and several types of cancer. The childhood obesity can persist well into adulthood, and when it is tend to increase rates of childhood obesity, there is increase rate of medical condition.  This not only increase the future generation in risking medical condition but also enormous effect to medication bills that impact to economy.

Parents Concern to Obese Children

Unfortunately, parents are not concern enough and recognize when their children become overweight. This because there are young children that have healthy weight look skinny and overweight children look likely as normal. This makes parents not realize and monitoring their children when get unhealthy track. It is require parent supports for ensure their children to adopt healthier lifestyles. Take their children to pediatrician to attain their children healthy weight and advocated their children is important role that parent are able to take. There are several things that parents and family able to do with obese children in order to make them healthier.

  • Planning family activities that involve physical activities such as exercises like walking, swimming, soccer, and running.
  • Support with example. Parent is patron for their children. Lead the children by having good healthy habit and ensure your children follow.  Stay active, have good eating habit, will make them have more fun time to spend in physical activity rather than with computer.
  • Get more sensitive with children need. The children with obese could be feel uncomfortable when participating in group and others activities. It is important for their parents to find finest activity that will make them not feel embarrassing or too difficult to do.

Preventing children from becoming obesity means they need to adapt healthy lifestyles that start from parents.

Treatment for Obesity in childhood

Obese children are tending to obese adult and therefore children that have obese problem should take same medication such as their parents to manage diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure.  There are small changes that benefit for loose weight for children. The main obesity treatment goals are to maintain healthy weight and achieve healthy weight. Treatment for children obesity is depending to children age and other medical condition. Treatment is includes with children diet changes and physical activity level. In some cases, surgery and medication also includes for proper condition. Children that have obese should put gradual weight loss not more than 1 pound in a month.

  • Healthy eating habit. Serve in appropriate portion, limit the sweetened beverages, limit fast food and junk food, and much more fruit and vegetables.
  • Level of Physical activity.  This is a critical point for maintain and achieve healthy weight. Physical activity not only will burn calories but also build strong bones and muscles that able to help children to sleep well in the night and stay alert in day.
  • Weight loss surgery is an option for severe obese who have unable to lose their weight use conventional weight loss. Consult with pediatric to find potential risk and long term side effects from surgery action.


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