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Powerful Committing Suicidal Thoughts Quotes that You Should Always Remember

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Powerful Committing Suicidal Thoughts Quotes that You Should Always Remember

The article below will tell you several way to avoid suicide including committing suicidal thoughts quotes. However, it is better for you to know several facts related about suicides. Suicide is a way to do for someone to end his/her life. Those who decide to commit suicide, they do it by hanging him/herself, taking an overdose of drugs, dink a poisonous liquid, or using a weapon. Moreover, the act is done not only in adults but also teenagers and even children. The reasons are also ranging, sometimes it may be very trivial. Data shows that number of suicides lately keeps increasing, for example in Indonesia (based on police records of the Republic of Indonesia, there are about 70 suicides each month in 2013. While in Korea, it also shows an increasing number of suicides cases).

Usually, suicide is done secretly so it is difficult to prevent. Therefore, it is important to recognize the triggers and signs of someone who wants to commit suicide. Who know, the people who are closest to you have such intention. It becomes your duty to stop him/her from doing such things. There are number of committing suicidal thoughts quotes that can reduce the desire of someone to commit suicide. Patients can also be helped with therapy and can live better, by listening and speaking as an effort to solve the problem and there is no reason to go through the difficulties alone without the help of others. .

Moreover, when you find anyone wants to commit suicide, you should listen to what he or she’s complaining about. Provide support for her to remain steadfast and think that life is worthwhile. If you are the closest person for him/her, you need to make sure that he / she lives secured and stay away from any tools that could be used for suicide. The social environments, including family, are indeed also a good media to help reduce or eliminate the desire of people to commit suicide. In addition, factors that lead a person want to commit suicide are usually also related with mental health conditions such as:

1.Severe depression

The characteristics of people who are severely depresses are feeling hopeless, tired, bad mood or lose motivation as well as interest. The characteristics of this kind of people can give bad impacts on the person’s life as a whole. In the end, they lead to more likely try to commit suicide.

 2. Bipolar disorder

People who have bipolar disorder will experience drastic changes in mood. They can feel very happy and excited, but they can suddenly turn sad, dispirited and even depression. These circles have 20 times higher risk to suicide, compare to normal person. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people with bipolar disorder will attempt suicide at least 1 time during his/her life.

3.Anorexia nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is a condition when someone avoids eating foods as much as possible and always lie that they are not hungry or already ate. These circles shows that someone may think that he or she is fat that makes him or her continually lose weight. It is estimated that 20 percent of anorexia sufferers will tend to suicide at least once during their lifetime.


It is a kind of hallucinations, a change in behavior or the patients believe in things which are not true. It is estimated that 1 in 20 people with schizophrenia will attempt suicide

5.Personality disorders

The main sign of someone’s personality disorder is often hurt themselves. Another sign is emotionally unstable or has a problem in socializing. These circles may have a record of sexual abuse in childhood and have a higher risk for suicide. It is estimated that more than half of the people with this disorder will attempt suicide at least once in their lifetime.

There are also some other signs that may be shown by someone who has tendency to suicide, such as:

  1. Often talk about death
  2. Like to do self-harm
  3. Threatening to commit suicide as saying, “If you choose him, I’ll kill myself”
  4. Saving drugs that can be used to commit suicides

If you or someone you know showing the symptoms of suicidal above, seek help as soon as possible. If you are planning a suicide, you can seek immediate help by performing the following steps:

  • Talk with your loved ones

Go to your loved ones and tell them about what you are feeling and experiencing.

  • Find expert, ask for help :

Talk to experts is an important step to get recovered. You can talk to psychiatrist, therapist, your family doctor or go to suicide prevention center such as a suicide therapy center in Korea, called as Coffin therapy. This therapy takes place in a large room which can accommodate between 20-30 people. Those who claim to feel depressed are collected and asked to wear clothes which the majority of death people wear in white and yellow gold ornaments. Beside the coffin, there is small table which equipped with pen and paper. Then, they were asked to sit down and write out their last message to people they care about on a piece of paper, that’s when they usually start to drip tears and cry uncontrollably began. For many participants, this therapy is able to give them positive influence which is great for their lives. They tend to have more spirits to work and often spending time with his or her family and the most important is to understand the meaning of a chance in life that Lord has given them. When they ended out of the coffin, they claim to feel fresher and free. Jeong, an ex of grave yard keep, now as the chairman of coffin therapy will re-enter the room and tell that “You have felt how it was like to die. You are now alive and you have to fight”. Just know that the help is out there. You may feel this time might be no hope, but you are not alone in your struggle.  Last but not least, one of the powerful committing suicidal thoughts quotes that you need to remember is Lord never give a burden that is too great to bear beyond human being’s capacity.

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