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Current Events In Health Care Technology

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Current Events In Health Care Technology

Healthcare Technology Update to Improve Human’s Life

Indeed, as the year change, the world will be filled by various current events in healthcare technology and so on. As the need of human’s healthcare is getting complicated, they need to follow by creating and providing the problem solving through knowledge and technology. Thus, technology becomes the center or plays the biggest role in today healthcare industry, for example health app as a diagnostic tool. It shows us how today care delivery has been largely changed.

Latest Healthcare Technology Innovation

Although healthcare technology has been improved amazingly but also followed by high increasing costs. Most of advanced healthcare technology is required them to pay more which become a new burden for people for searching health solutions. So that, governments, researches, hospital leaders and other healthcare providers try to search medical technology to reduce costs, while keep giving the best healthcare. According ECRI Institute, the trends of healthcare technology innovation will be discussed about:

1. Cybersecurity in Medical Devices

Medical devices are working like other computer devices. They are connected to hospital networks, Internet, and other devices which make their security, safety, and effectiveness are vulnerable. Moreover, the increasing use of software and wireless technology make them in greater risk for potential cybersecurity threats, whereas some of those devices are used to save crucial patient data. So, manage and mitigate cybersecurity in medical devices is very important to ensure appropriate medical safeguards.

2. Smart Wireless and Wearable Sensors

Sensor technologies actually have been commercialized since 1970s. Then, it’s getting advanced now days with wireless and wearable systems. As people can’t get away from technology, your health conditions can be measured with health apps, like in a form of watches or bracelets. Using MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) accelerometer, you can wear the sensors and it will sense your physical activity to measure your health and wellness then translate into some information including calorie consumption. It’s also need to be followed healthcare provider to utilize the data in order to reduce hospital stays for chronic patients.

3. Mobile Stroke Units (MSU)

Since the cases of stroke patients have been increased, a new technology for faster diagnosing is needed. Here, MSU is designed to shorten the time between onset of symptoms and delivery of drug which must be administered within 3 hours after the first symptoms. Using a unit resembles ambulance with the staffs, it’ll be equipped with portable CT scans, telemedicine for blood tests, and TPA tests before the patients arrive at hospital.

There are also some others advanced healthcare technology such as blue-violet LED light fixtures disinfection technology for killing harmful bacteria, miniature leadless pacemaker designed for only one heart chamber, changing landscape of robotic surgery with tablet-type programs, spectral computed tomography with more depth to physiologic function of soft tissue, and so on.

2016 World Current Events in Healthcare Technology

Here is the list of current events in healthcare technology that will be conducted soon.

1. Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) 2016 Conference and Expo

AAMI is a nonprofit organization established in 1967 with almost 7,000 professional members aimed to develop, manage, and use safe and effective healthcare technology. The conference and expo will be held in Tampa, Florida, in four days on June 3 – 6th 2016. There is an increasing number compared to previous events, this year AAMI 2016 will be opened with more than 2,200 healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals from across the world. You can learn to get new knowledge and discover the latest innovations and advances in the healthcare technology.

2. eHealth Week 2016

eHealth Week is an annual event organized the Dutch Ministry of Health on 8-10 June 2016 in Beurs Van Berlage, Amsterdam. This year program will be focused on 3 main themes of educational including empowering people, trust and standards, also social innovation and transitions. Under Dutch Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU), the European Commission and HIMSS Europe, eHealth policies are now focused on institutions and IT systems, particularly across Europe.

3. Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)’s 2016 National Institute (ANI)

HFMA’s 2016 National Institute will be conducted on 26 – 29 June 2016 at The Venetian and the Palazzo Hotel-Resort/Sands Expo Center. There are several sessions in the events including featured speaker sessions, career skills sessions, early riser sessions, innovation labs, keynote sessions, and breakout sessions.

4. AHRMM16 Conference & Exhibition

Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management (AHRMM) will conduct its annual event on 31st July to 3rd August at San Diego Convention Center. The main aim of AHRMM is building networking place between the attendants from various background like academics, providers, affiliates, and vendors who work in healthcare supply chain. You can explore ideas, technology, and products in order to improve healthcare quality.

5. World of Health IT (WoHIT) 2016

WoHIT Conference and Exhibition 2016 is another annual event under HIMSS Europe. This year, it will be held in Barcelona, Spain on 21-22 November 2016. During the event, there will be top European healthcare stakeholders and a center place for entire eHealth ecosystem to meet each other. The event will includes several educational sessions with popular and experienced speakers through workshops, hospital tours, and exhibition floor.

6. SimGHOSTS 2016

SimGHOSTS or also called as “The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists” is organized by non-profit organization to support both individuals and institutions on operating medical simulation technology also spaces. The organization held several training events, professional development and online resources. This international hands-on training event will be also a meeting point for anyone with simulation-based vendors to learn about the latest healthcare education technology. This year, simGHOSTS 2016 will be held in 4 different regions including:

– Melbourne, Australia on 5-8 July 2016

– London, United Kingdom on 18-20 July 2016

– Peoria, United States on 2-5 August 2016

– Dubai, Uni-Arab Emirates on 13-15 November 2016

Are you learning medical science or working in healthcare industry? You can come to those current events in healthcare technology to get a new knowledge and find what new innovations in healthcare technology world. You may find more amazing healthcare technology beyond what have been mentioned above.

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