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Effects Of Obesity On The Body

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Effects Of Obesity On The Body

Knowing the Wide Ranges of Effects of Obesity on the Body

Various effects of obesity on the body become what make you feel that really worse and frustrated when you have the bigger size body with the high weight as well. Anyone of course want to get the good condition of the health since that becomes the important thing or aspect to deal with for getting the better body health.


It is something good for you to notice about your health condition, as like noticing your weight properly and also dealing with the way or effort on making the body really fit and healthy. The weight might be something simple but essential for dealing with your health because the weight will affect much to your condition. If you often only think that the body weight will only affect to the body look, it is not that really right since it will also affect much to the body health and fitness. That is why in the beginning, we said that dealing with the health also requires us to deal with the weight of the body. There are some types of conditions of the weight problems. One of them is overweight. Then, the condition which is worse than the overweight is called as obesity. It is good for you to know about them and actually you can simply calculate your BMI, which is about the weight and also the height properly. Then, the result of BMI will show you about the position or condition of your body weight is actually. If you already have seen about the big body of yours with the piles of fat on your body, perhaps you are experiencing the overweight or even the obesity. It is better for learning about the condition first and knows well about worse effects of obesity on the body.

What is Obesity?

We have mentioned before, obesity is the condition which is more than the overweight. Obesity is the condition when someone has the condition with the great accumulation of much fat. Then, as the result, there are so many high risks of the bad health effects of obesity on the body which can happen. Then, someone is considered as obese when they have got the BMI which is in the level of 30 or more. When it is still on ranges of 24.5 to 29.9, you are still in the stage of overweight. The normal weight is with the BMI of about 18.5 to 24.9. The BMI which is less than 18.5 is considered as underweight. However, BMI is not always that effective and accurate. There is no difference between the calculation for men and women. Then, it is only the calculation from the height and weight. Someone can be investigated the high BMI but from the real condition, it is all about the muscle which has the high mass so that it is not about the fat. So, it can be said to be not really that accurate for some people but the BMI can still be good for getting a general overview.

What are Bad Effects of Obesity?

As we have mentioned before, there are so many bad health effects of obesity on the body which can possibly happen if you are experiencing the obesity. If you are obese, you need to deal with consequence of the higher risk of various health problems. There are some health problems which can happen in a higher risk if you are obese. Here are some of the bad health problems which can happen caused by the obesity.

  • Heart Problems

The risk of the problem of heart disease as like the atherosclerosis can be ten percent increased when you are obese. That is including the problem of the coronary artery which is caused the by deposits of fatty which are built up in the artery which supplies heart. Then, the heart attack and chest pain can possibly happen. It might also be able to cause the stroke caused by the barrowed artery.

  • Hypertension

The narrower blood vessel which is caused by the fatty can also affect to the harder work of the heart to pump and as the result, the higher pressure might be obtained caused by this condition. Thus, we often find people who are with obesity are also suffering from the hypertension or high blood pressure.

  • Diabetes

Another risk of the obesity is suffering from diabetes. People with obesity will experience the problem of the insulin which is produced by the pancreas because of the complications which happens caused by the obesity. As the result, pancreas does not work effectively. So, people with obesity will have the higher risk of suffering from diabetes, especially type-2 diabetes.

  • Cancer

Based on the recent study, cancer is said becomes one of the effects of obesity on the body. The people with diabetes have the higher risk of suffering some types of cancer, which can be increased about forty percents. That is caused by the oestrogen which is produced by the fat, which can be one of the factors which can cause the increase of the cancer risk to people with obesity. Some of the cancers are breast cancer, kidney cancer, pancreas cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, oesophageal cancer, and so on.

Besides some health problems which we have mentioned before, there are also some other problems of health which can happen and you will get the higher risk when you are obese. Some of the other health problems are metabolic syndrome, problems of joints, respiratory problem and sleep apnea, psychology problem, and many others.

How to Prevent and Deal with Obesity

Since there are so many worse effects of obesity on the body, it is better to deal with the way on preventing the obesity or we can deal with the problem through some ways. Some of the recommended ways to prevent obesity is having the healthier diet, better lifestyle, do the workout regularly and much better, improve your sleep habit, and so on. The most essential thing to do is having a better lifestyle including for the diet. Avoid the junk food and also sugary food and drink will also be helpful. You also need to deal with the healthier diet, as like consuming more vegetables, fruits, and so on. Choosing the complex carbohydrate than the simple one will be a good thing to do. The key for the success is by always being committed. Then, you will also be able to prevent the risk of the bad effects of obesity on the body.

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