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Health And Wellness Definition And Importance

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Health And Wellness Definition And Importance

What is Health and Wellness?

Health and wellness definition and importance of course should be learned further by people if they want to enhance their quality of life. It is pretty common that people think about the importance for making as much money as possible. This is something familiar in the modern world after all but people can make sure that money actually is not the main thing which can make them happy. We can make sure that people have to be happy and healthy. It means that people need better understanding about health and wellness. In fact, people of course have the agreement about the need for maintaining their body healthy instead of curing the health problem. Prevention of health problem can be done with various methods including by performing physical exercise. It is true that the interest of people about better method for keeping their body healthy is increasing time after time. It can be seen from the new health fad or new diet program which can be found. However, it is pretty rare for people to hear the diet or exercise which can help people to be well. Although people often see health and wellness in one term, both have different meanings after all.


People should learn further about the health and wellness if they really want to make sure that they can live happily and healthily. At first, people should learn about the definition of health. It refers to the absence of the disease. It can also refer to the person’s overall physical and mental state. The definition of health is not completely similar with the definition of wellness after all. Wellness is defined as the optimal physical and mental health state of a person. Of course there will be deeper meaning of wellness because it is about living the life which is full of personal responsibility. For this purpose, people have to take the proactive steps so they can reach the entire wellbeing in their life. There must be various kinds of risk factor which can bring danger to them. The risk factor can be varied from smoking to unprotected sex. People can say that the risk factors must be condition or action which can increase the opportunity of people to suffer from injury or illness.

Wellness Dimensions

It is sure that when people are talking about the wellness, it can be more than just the physical health. It is not only about the physical exercise and nutrition. People can find that wellness has seven dimensions which will have contribution for increasing the quality of life.

  • Social Wellness

People do not live alone in the world and we can make sure that people have to interact with other people to live properly in this world. Social wellness is about the ability of people for relating and connecting with other people in the world. It is the ability for building and maintaining the good relationship with coworkers, friends, and family.

  • Emotional Wellness

Life can be challenging and it is crucial for having emotional wellness because it is the ability for understanding ourselves and coping the life challenge. It is also about the ability for acknowledging and sharing the feelings good and bad in good manner.

  • Spiritual Wellness

People need harmony and peace in life and this ability can be found in spiritual wellness. It can be contributed with the ability for building the congruency between the action and value. The contribution can also be found from the ability for realizing the common purpose binds the creation.

  • Environmental Wellness

This is kind o ability for recognizing the responsibility for the surrounding environment quality including air, water, and land. This wellness dimension will be contributed by the ability for making positive impact on the environment quality.

  • Occupational Wellness

Human being cannot be separated from the job and they need occupational wellness as the ability for getting personal fulfillment from the chosen career so they can keep their life in balance. This wellness dimension will be led by the desire for contributing in career for making good influence to the organization and society.

  • Intellectual Wellness

It is type of ability for opening minds to the new experience and idea. The contribution for intellectual wellness can be found from the desire for learning new concepts, seeking challenges, and improving skill. It is about long life learning.

  • Physical Wellness

Last but not least, this is the ability for maintaining the quality of life which is healthy so people can do daily routine without physical stress or fatigue. This wellness can be optimized by recognizing the behavior with specific influence to wellness and applying the healthy habits.


People surely have specific dream and priority in their life. They will do anything to help them get their dream and fulfill their priority. That is why people can have very busy daily life which will absorb their time, mind, as well as energy. Of course people can have different meaning about being healthy and well but we can make sure that everyone surely wants to make sure that they are able to do daily activities without too much difficulty in physical aspect. It can be considered as the general fitness level after all. However, people of course want to be fit mentally and physically because they want to have the life which is productive and long life. This cannot be found if people cannot get the healthy combination between social, emotional, mental, and of course physical wellbeing. Yes, the main important reason why people should maintain the health and wellness in their life is because it will help them to increase their quality of life and their productivity of life. Every dimension of wellness should be maintained and increased because people need to bring the balance in their life. This is the way for people to get the health as well as wellbeing in their life. It is true that people can make very great investment by understanding more about health and wellness definition and importance.

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