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Health Problems Associated With Obesity

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Health Problems Associated With Obesity

Various Health Problems Because of Obesity

Actually, obesity is not a disease. But because of this one thing, there will be many health problems associated with obesity. In this modern era, the number of obesity in big country is increasing rapidly. Obesity is the result of the unhealthy lifestyle, passive activities, poor diet and many factors. There are many facts how obesity can happened to many people and most of them don’t realize it. To indicate whether a people obese or not is by checking the Body Mass Index (BMI).

BMI has the function to calculate the ratio of weight and height of someone’s body. If someone’s BMI is 25 until 30, it means that he/ she is overweight. But when the BMI is more than 30, the people indicated as obesity. There are several researches during the last 10 years that observed the childhood obesity. And based on the study, children with obesity related to the socio-economic condition. Children with obesity precisely come from the wealthy condition.

There are many things that are suspected as the cause, one of which is physical inactivity. Too passive lifestyle has also become the biggest cause someone’s obese. More than that, obesity not only increases the risk of other diseases such as heart disease and diabetes type 2, but also it affects the daily lives. Obesity increases respiratory problems, blood pressure, and kidney problems, and also hinders the movement of a person’s every day. Obesity also causes psychological effects such as depression, anxiety, and lowered self-esteem. Not only that, obesity is also expected to affect the fertility of men and women. People who are obese tend to have problems with physical and psychological. Therefore, the treatment of obesity should also be in many parts, to the physical and psychological sides of the person. Overcoming obesity is not just a matter of losing weight, but also the whole lifestyle. Although obesity is not classified as a disease, but it can trigger health problems associated with obesity.

Heart and blood vessel disorders

Obesity becomes the main cause of the heart disease and blood vessel or cardiovascular disorder. Obesity caused the workload of the heart; therefore because of the great increase of the human’s body, the heart must work harder to pump the blood throughout the body. When the heart does the excessive activities, heart failure may happen. As the sign of heart failure is such like asthma, the breath is short and there will be swelling in the legs. Obese often have high blood pressure or it is usually called hypertension due to narrowing of blood vessels due to fat deposits tongs. The combination of obesity and hypertension is made the work hard of the heart. The result, there is thickening of the heart chamber wall that followed by lack of oxygen. This situation will accelerate the onset of heart failure.

Pulmonary disease

The fat inside the body as the result of obesity is the main problem. In obese, the pile of fat can suppress the track of respitory.it can make stop breathing during the sleep. This symptom in long term can cause death.

Diabetes and cholesterol

Obesity is the main cause of diabetes. This happened due to the impaired situation of the function of the insulin. Insulin is one of the hormones that produced naturally by the body. The function of the insulin is processing the sugar in the blood through the cells of the body as the source of energy. As the result of malfunction of insulin, the glucose can’t enter to the cells and it stayed in the blood vessel. Therefore the level of the blood sugar increases. The impaired of insulin function is also resulting in disorders of fat metabolism or usually called dyslipidemia. It can be seen from the increased levels of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol, triglycerides, but with a decrease in HDL cholesterol. The increased levels of bad cholesterol accompanied by decreased levels of the cholesterol will give the impact in crusting the formation in the blood vessels or atherosclerosis. The atherosclerosis will reduce the diameter of the blood vessels and it leads to the coronary heart disease and stroke.


The other health problems associated with obesity is hypertension. Hypertension divided into two groups. Primary hypertension is the high blood pressure, and the secondary hypertension is caused by the other diseases such as heart failure, kidney failure that the main cause is because of obesity. Some symptoms in hypertension is dizzy and headache, stiff and shaky. The heartbeat is fast and palpitation happened fast.

Brain disorder

Based on the researched that published in the My Health News Daily, obesity can give the bad impact to the brain. Addiction to food and earing can change the diet. So when this case happened, the weight will increase in quick time because the brain will stimulate the body to consume many sweet food and fatty food. it can change the performance of the immune system as well. The inflammation can happened and influence the brain to eat more and more. Dementia is also inflammation that deals due to the obesity. It can break in memory. There will be a hormone that produced by the fat that can make the inflammation. So it can influence the cognitive aspect in the brain that can make the people loss some memory.

Hormonal disorder

Obesity is also affecting the body’s hormonal system. In young girl, obesity causes the first period or menarkhe comes early. In adult women, obesity can cause disruption of the hormonal balance with medical name Hyperandrogenism and the disruption of the cycle of the menstruation period. Hyperandrogenism is the amount of androgens in male increases. In women, obesity also increases the risk of gallstones. This occurs because the bile becomes more viscous.

Joint pain

Obesity will cause the increasing of the burden on the joints. For example when the knee joint takes so long, it can cause inflammation of the joints or people knows it as osteoarthritis. The symptoms are joint pain that followed by swelling. Joints also become rigid immovable. The worst case, the patient is not able to walk anymore.

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