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How Long Can You Have Symptoms Before Heart Attack

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How Long Can You Have Symptoms Before Heart Attack

All About Heart Attack Symptoms You Need to Know

How long can you have symptoms before heart attack? This is one of the most common question when it comes to heart attack. Actually, the length of symptoms of heart attack before someone get the disease cannot be determined. Since a lot of factors influence the length of the symptom, such as the lifestyle and how bad the heart attack has gone. Moreover, the symptoms of heart attack in men and women are different.

About the Symptoms of Heart Attack

As mentioned before, the symptoms of heart attack can be different in men and women. The symptoms can also be different in one person and another person. The most common symptom of heart attack is discomfort or pain in the centre area of chest. This symptom is called angina. This symptom happens because the flow of blood to the heart is temporarily decreasing. The chest pain or discomfort may be mild in one person, while it may be quite severe in another person. Even, some people does not feel any symptoms of heart attack until they get the disease.

Some people get heart attack suddenly, but some others get the signs or symptoms before they get the disease. The symptoms of heart attack can be felt hours, days, or weeks before the disease attacks. It cannot be absolutely determined since the condition of the person also influences the length of the symptoms, beside other factors such as lifestyle and daily activities.

The Common Symptoms of Heart Attack

Some heart attacks happen suddenly and some happens slowly. Heart attacks which starts slowly are followed by mild discomfort and pain. People who get these discomfort and pain often wait too long to go to the doctors since they are not really sure about the symptoms. Immediately get some helps if you feel these symptoms of heart attack as mentioned below:

  1. Discomfort in chest. The discomfort can be pain, tightness, squeezing, or pressure sensation in the centre area of your chest. Those discomforts can last for a few minutes or go away and come back.
  2. Areas of upper body discomfort. The discomforts in chest can be felt in other areas of your upper body such as arms, neck, jaw, stomach, or back. This may happen because the discomforts in chest spread to the upper body areas.
  3. Shortness of breath. It can be with discomfort in chest or without discomfort in chest.
  4. Other symptoms such as dizziness, cold sweat, fatique, and lightheadness.

The Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women

The common symptoms of heart attack which can be felt by both men and women has been mentioned above. But the symptoms of the disease are quite different and specific in women. Here are the symptoms of heart attack in women:

  1. Nausea or vomiting
  2. Indigestion
  3. Pain in jaw and/or back
  4. Other symptoms are the same with the common symptoms of heart attack.

According to American Heart Assocation, unlike men, women are able to get heart attack without feeling any pain and discomfort in their chests at all. Women tend to experience sudden dizziness, extreme fatigue, lightheadness, and shortness of breath instead. Women should immediately get some helps or go to the hospital if they feel those symptoms as mentioned above even though they do not feel any pain or discomfort in chest.

What To Do When Getting Heart Attack Symptoms

Act immediately if you feel the symptoms of heart attack which have been mentioned above. Get some helps even though you just feel one of the symptoms, since every minute is important. Follow these steps if you feel the symptoms of heart attack:

  1. Call the number of emergency response in your area of living for medical help. Do not wait too long, especially if the symptoms of heart attack you feel are quite severe. If you do not have the access to call emergency response number in your area of living, get someone to take you to the nearest hospital around your living area.
  2. If you have gone to the doctor before, you can take the presciption from your doctor, such as nitroglycerin. Take the medicine as instructed while you are waiting for the emergency medical helps.
  3. You are able to take aspirin if it is recommended by your doctor. Aspirin is able to keep your blood from getting clotted, so that it reduces the heart damage. But this medicine is able to react with other medicines, so that make sure you get the recommendation from your doctor first before taking aspirin while you are waiting for the emergency medical helps come to you.

How to Prevent Yourself from Heart Attack

Heart attack is preventable, you are able to keep yourself from getting heart attack if you decide to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to prevent yourself from getting heart attack:

  1. Regularly check your health to your doctors or medical care givers. This will help you knowing your risk of getting heart attack.
  2. If you are a smoker, it will be a lot better if you quit. Smoking is obviously has no good to your body, a lot of researches has proved that. All of the ingredients which are contained in cigarette and tobacco are poisonous. They become more poisonous if they are burnt. If you decide to quit smoking, you decide to cut about 50% of your personal risk of getting heart attack and also other diseases.
  3. Have a regular work out at least 30 minutes in one day. If it is difficult for you to spend some of your times to work out, you can just simply walk around your neigborhood in the morning. Or you can cycle to your office instead of driving your vehicles or taking public transportations. Working out regularly will decrease your personal risk from getting heart attack and also stroke.
  4. Eat healthier foods. Choose foods which contain less salt, sugar, and also saturated fats. Also eat more vegetables and fruits. This also influences how long can you have symptoms before heart attack.

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