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Know More about Signs and Symptoms of Obesity

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Know More about Signs and Symptoms of Obesity

The foods which we eat every day supply our body. The nutrients from the foods are very important for our body’s health and we need calories for energy. However, we need to burn the calories well. If we take more calories but we don’t burn it, it will turn into fat and keep in our body. We have to eat just as much as we eat. If we over eat regularly, we gain much weight and continuously we will be obese.

Obesity happens because of the number of too much fat in the body. Obesity is also a serious disease just like diabetes and high blood pressure. It can be chronic consequences for the health problem. In some cases, it may lead to preventable death. The definition of obesity is that if someone has a body mass index more than 30. The body mass index is the measure of the weight and the height. So it’s better if we know about signs and symptoms of obesity.

Obesity is a serious disease in the United States and other countries all over the world. Two of three people in American and also one of five children are obese. Obesity, recently, happens because there are abundant of foods in the society and we tend not to do many physical activities.

Signs and Symptoms of Obesity

For many people, obesity needs a lifetime efforts. There are multiple factors which cause obesity. Although the only easy way is to decrease the calories consumption and increase doing work-out, but actually it’s not that simple. Many reasons still can lead to obesity for a person. Treatment has to take as the best way. If you manage the obesity well, then it means you are decreasing the risk of other health problems. The diseases and health problem which may happen because of obesity are diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, gallstones, osteoarthritis, lung disease, insomnia, colon cancer, endometrial cancer, dementia and depression.

The most common caused by obesity is depression. Many people with obesity suffer more on their emotional distress. This may happen because the view in our culture about the physical appearance. The slimmer one person, the more beautiful that person would be. So people tend to think that obese people are not attractive. They sometimes are pointed to injustice, being ridiculous and discrimination. It makes obese people ashamed and feel rejected. The major risk of obesity is the development of diabetes mellitus. There is good news, though, that this disease can be preventable.

Health-Care Professionals Diagnose Obesity

Weight-to-Height Tables

There are tables called Weight-to-Height Tables to check the obesity. The table doesn’t take many detail of one’s condition. They don’t difference the fat form water, bone or muscle. They just help measuring the body mass index. They cannot identify the health problems related with the weight.

Body Fat Percentage

Many health professionals apply the percentage of fat in one’s body as the mark of obesity. Men who have more than 25% and women who have more than 32% are obese. However, body fat percentage is hard to measure accurately. It needs special equipment which not always medical facility has. The methods applied in health club and weight-loss program can be not accurate as well. It should be done correctly. There are affordable scales for home use available. They may not too accurate but its consistency can be trusted. The next important factor is waist measurement. People with apple shapes, who have fat around the waist, have higher risk health problems. People who considered having apple shaped body are women with greater than 35 inches waist measurement and 40 inches for men.

Body Mass Index

A measurement of your weight and height is called body mass index. The weight is defined in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. The measurement is flexible that you can also use pounds in weight and inches in height. Body mass index is almost the same with body fat percentage but it is easier. To identify obesity, you need many primary cares. The greater your body mass index, the higher the risk of health problems.

To calculate the body mass index, you can do these steps. First, multiply your weight which is in pounds by 705. Then divide your weight by your height which is in inches. Lastly, divide the last number by your height in inches once more. Here are the body mass index explanations. The normal weight is around 18.5-24.9. Overweight is about 25.0-29.9. The obese is around 30 and greater. Morbidly obese is ranging from 40 and greater.

Treatment for Obesity

The safest way for obese or overweight people is to eat less and do exercises more. It’s proved as the most effective way to lose the weight. If you have already done that, for sure, you can lose the weight. It is just as simple as that. There are also many weight-loss programs with medical or surgery as well. However, don’t ever think about magic pills.

Lifestyle Changes Help Obesity

There is a term of behavior modification. This term is defined as the changes of your attitude on food and exercise. The changing attitude here is to encourage new habits which help you to lose weight. Many people are having difficulties in losing weight because they don’t change their attitudes. These techniques are easy to practice.

People Do to Prevent Obesity

Obesity and overweight together with their health problems need the habit changing in a lifetime. Eat less and do exercise more are one best way. However, what makes you eat too much? Is it because of the coffee break at work? Or is it going out with friends? Watching TV with late night snacks? Put some considerations to your overeat habit. Try to avoid the unnecessary meals and set the goal of your ideal weight. Increasing your activity can help a lot in changing your habit. You don’t need to run for many kilometers just like an athlete. Twenty minutes exercise in five days a week will give you specific differences. You can find any kind of exercises or activities which you love the most. Enjoy those kind of activities and lose your weight.

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