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Signs Of Borderline Personality Disorder

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Signs Of Borderline Personality Disorder

The Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder that You Need to Know

The signs of borderline personality disorder are needed to be known by a lot of people. This mental health is considered to be quite severe. So, by knowing the signs or the symptoms of borderline personality disorder, we can find it out earlier and thus get as early treatment as possible. Borderline personality disorder itself can be described as a mental health disorder that affects way someone thinks of himself and others. It can cause problems in everyday life and among those problems are including unstable relationships, impulsiveness, extreme emotions, and distorted self-image.

If you have this kind of mental health disorder, you will experience a lot of terrible things in your life. You will have a constant fear of abandonment and you will have a constant fear of being alone as well. You will also experience extreme mood swing, extreme anger and impulsiveness, and eventually you will have no one to talk to because you drive your friends and family all away. That is why people with this kind of mental health disorder are more vulnerable to commit suicide and being end up in psychiatric hospital. This is the reason why you have to be familiar with the symptoms or the signs of borderline personality disorder. It will help you to detect the mental health problem as early as possible if it happens to you or to people around you.

  1. Fear of Abandonment

When someone has borderline personality disorder, he will be very afraid and even terrified of abandonment. As the result, he will have the sense of extreme possession toward someone especially the one close to him. The patient of this kind of mental health disorder is also going to strive to avoid separation and rejection, even when it is not real. Basically, there will be a constant fear that will haunt the patient but actually it is only in his head. That is why getting rid of this sign as soon as possible is needed.

  1. Unstable Relationship

Because of the fear of abandonment, someone with borderline personality disorder will have unstable relationship with people around him. If you feel that suddenly you have the feeling of doubt about the people around you and you feel that they don’t care about you, you have the possibility of having borderline personality disorder. You will also feel that it’s like everyone around you is going to leave you. When you have this kind of anxiety, go to a psychiatric as soon as possible to find out what happens.

  1. Hating Yourself

There will be a sudden feeling of hatred toward yourself when you have this mental health disorder. You will think that you are worthless, bad, disgusting, and sometimes you wish that you don’t exist at all. In this situation, you will also think that your life is completely a mess and you try to shift goals and values of your life. This is not something that can happen to someone with the right state of mind. That is why if all the sudden you find out this situation happens to you, get help as soon as possible.

  1. Losing Contact with Reality

All of the sudden, you will lose your ability to deal with reality. It will start with stress and paranoia. It happens constantly and it basically drives you mad. The duration of this situation can range from few minutes until several hours. This situation is dangerous because basically you have no control of yourself and you can harm yourself and harm people around you as well.

  1. Committing Risky Behavior

Someone with this borderline personality disorder will suddenly feel the urge to commit risky things that people in the right state of mind won’t do. It includes heavy gambling, spending sprees, drug abuse, reckless driving, sabotaging, unsafe sex, and even harm people. The instability of the state of mind will also push borderline personality disorder patient to take sudden bad decisions like quitting decent job or ending good relationship. However, these are all beyond his control and there is nothing he can do about it. That is why medical help is needed here.

  1. Self-Injury

If you have borderline personality disorder, it is impossible for you to think clearly and take good decision. One of the most famous signs of symptoms of this mental health problem is the sudden push to harm yourself. It often happens as the respond of your fear of rejection or separation, you rather feel physical pain than have to endure the pain of being left alone.

  1. Suicide Attempt

When the extreme anxiety of rejection, separation, and abandonment are getting worse and worse, the patients of borderline personality disorder will eventually try to kill themselves. They will think that this is the only way to avoid rejection and separation. Considering that most suicide attempt can be done successfully, you must be aware of this symptom. Once you feel that there is no point of being alive anymore, try to contact a psychiatric first.

  1. Extreme Mood Swing

The next sign or symptom of borderline personality disorder is extreme mood swing that can last for hours. The mood swing can make you laugh for one second and then suddenly cry the next second. The feeling can be even worse because the patient will also feel intense shame and anxiety during the mood swing. That is why before the situation gets worse, you must seek help as soon as possible.

  1. Losing Temper

The last item in the list of signs of borderline personality disorder is the losing temper. The patient of this kind of mental disorder will often lose control of himself and suddenly lose his temper. He can go crazy and just throwing stuff, screaming, kicking, and punching stuff like crazy. This sign is quite obvious and there must be something wrong with people doing that. So, without second guessing anything, it is going to be better if someone shows this symptom or sign, he should be brought to get medical help. At least, a psychiatric can help in this situation.

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