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The Best Solutions to Childhood Obesity

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The Best Solutions to Childhood Obesity

Obesity not only experienced by adults. Statistics show that in many countries, obesity can experienced by children, or it is called childhood obesity. Lack of knowledge of parents who has thought that overweight or obese child is a healthy and adorable child can aggravate this condition. Why obese or overweight is so dangerous? Then how to         solve  it?
Obesity or being overweight can cause various negative effects on health. Children who are innocent would not understand this danger. So, it is the responsibility of parents to keep their children’s health. Parents should know what the causes of obesity are and how to prevent or solve the problem of childhood obesity. Here some information for you about the causes of childhood obesity and the best solution to solve it.

The Causes of Childhood Activity

As parents, knowing the causes of childhood obesity is really important. After knowing the causes of childhood obesity, parents can try to eliminate some activities that will cause childhood obesity. Here are the causes of childhood obesity that you have to know:

  • Genetic Factor

It is the cause of childhood obesity that is difficult to avoid. If the mother or father of a child is overweight, then the child has a risk to get obesity.

  • Fast Foods and Snack in Packaging

The popularity of fast-food restaurants is one factor that causes childhood obesity. Children mostly like fast food even they will eat with edacious and add portions when eating fast food. Whereas these foods generally contain high fat and sugar, and can cause obesity. The busy parents often use fast foods that are easy to serve and give to their children, although the nutritional content is bad for children. Fast food even tastes good but have no nutritional value to the growth and development of children. That’s why fast food is often referred to junk food. In addition, the children’s favorite snack in the packaging or sweet foods become noteworthy.

  • Soft Drink

Same with fast food, soft drinks proved to have high sugar content so the weight will quickly increase if your children consume these beverages. Delicious and fresh taste makes the children really like to consume these drinks.

  • Lack of Physical Activity

Childhood is synonymous with playing time. In the past, kid’s games generally are a physical game that requires children running, jumping or other movements. However, it has been replaced by electronic games, computers, Internet, or television that is simply done by just sitting in front of them without having to move. This is why children do not exercise that leads to excess weight.

The Solutions to Childhood Obesity

Now you have known the cause of childhood obesity. It will be better if you can reduce some activities that make your children overweight. Here are the best solutions to childhood obesity. You can follow these solutions to solve the obesity of your child. The solutions are:

  1. Note the Food that will be Given to Your Child

Reduce the consumption of fast food, snack in packaging, soft drinks, sweet snacks or food with a high fat content. Instead, serve meat and fresh vegetables. Increase consumption of fruit and milk is good for children’s growth. Provide appropriate portion and not too excessive.

  1. Give breakfast and Lunch for Your Child

Breakfast is a good activity for children to start their day. It is needed by children to make them can be strong during doing many activities in schools and prevent overeating later. By bringing food from home, parents can control children’s nutrition and avoid the children to eat snacks or unhealthy food.

  1. Fix the Food Processing Techniques

Do not fry too many foods, because it can make the foods contain much fat that is bad for health and also cause obesity. You can try to steaming, boiling or grilling food to make the foods healthier.

  1. Set the Eating Rules

Familiarize your child to eat at the table instead in front of the television or computer. Many people will not realize how much food has been eaten if they ate while enjoying the television or at the computer.

  1. Limit Activities of Watching Television, Video Games or Using Computer

Doing these activities will make your children lazy to move, it requires strict rules about how long these activities may be carried out. Furthermore, you can help your child in order to please other entertainment such as biking, playing ball or a jump rope.

  1. Doing Activities that Require Physical Activity

You and your child can plan to conduct joint sports activities such as jogging, jog, swim, badminton or any other sport. Or you can plan holiday together on the beach, the zoo or the park so that you and your child can walk more.

Children who are obese are funny and adorable. But maintain your beloved sons and daughters so that they grow healthy and also have healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. Parents are responsible to provide the best for their children. Remember that obesity is not a good thing for a child.

Those are the information about childhood obesity and solution to it. When you have a child who is obese, you should care for your child to avoid childhood obesity. Childhood obesity can cause many risk, such as heart desease, problems of breathing, problems of sleeping, diabetes and other deseases.

Children with obesity can also experience emotional problem. They will be so anxious and insecure. It will cause stress and depression. Stress and depression will cause many bad effects and cause many diseases.

So, try to do the best solutions above to solve childhood obesity of your child. Don’t wait until it brings the bad effects for your child’s health. Starting from now, you can control the eating portion of your kid, note the nutrition that enter their body, and also stimulate them to do physical activities as often as possible. It will change their habit, and then they will free from childhood obesity. Be a responsible parent and care for your kid as well as you can to make them always healthy every time. Finally, I hope this article about the best solutions to childhood obesity will be useful for you.

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