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What Are Asperger Syndrom In Adults Characteristics?

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What Are Asperger Syndrom In Adults Characteristics?

Asperger syndrome is usually suffered by children. But, it does not rule out the possibility to attack adults. This syndrome is a kind of disorder influencing the growth and development of the sufferers. There are actually some characteristics appearing for adults.

What Is Asperger Syndrome?

Asperger syndrome is a kind of neurobiology disorders or neuro transmitter being autism that can happen to children and adults. It is spectrum autism disorder regarded to be high functioning autism. It influences pervasive development. It is also a development disorder making sufferers get difficulties to interact the others. Asperger syndrome in adult characteristics may occur not only in teens and children. This disorder has some similar autism characteristics. But, it is actually not autism. Asperger syndrome was firstly found by Hans Asperger, an Austrian psychologist in 1944.

The Causes of Asperger Syndrom

Asperger syndrome is classified to be one of pervasive development syndrome types. It is predicted occurring due to the combination of three factors including psychology, physiology, and sociology factors. The possibility of this case is happened more often to men depending on the women. This disorder can be caused by the dysfunction of brain due to trauma, disease, or abnormal brain structures. The sure causes of asperger syndrome are actually not identified yet. But, the disorders of brain take a big influence in the development of this syndrome. Asperger sufferers have brain with the differences of functional and structural functions in certain areas. There is a possibility that it is formed since pregnancy. Genetic factor may influence the appearing of this disorder.

Asperger Syndrome in Adult Characteristics

Adults with asperger syndrome are actually a possible case found. Though adults suffer this disorder, it ordinarily does not destroy their life so much. The adults with this syndrome are still able to live normally like getting married and studying in a college. They may get successful in the carrier regarding to their amazing ability in memorization and focusing in a certain passion. But, most tend to be depressed and anxious easily due to the unaccepted worries. Although it is not merely cured, asperger syndrome in adult characteristics can be treated well.

Surely, you have understood that characteristics of asperger syndrome in adults are different and confusing. However, generally the characteristics are almost same. Patients diagnosed by Asperger syndrome show some different characteristics. All characteristics are related to two major attitudes of sufferers. Those are getting interested in one thing and repeating attitude and getting difficulties in socialization and communication. Here are some detailed characteristics of asperger syndrome in adults.

The Characteristics of Asperger Syndrome in Teens and Adults

Asperger syndrome can appear starting from children. Most of the characteristics continue to teen’s stage. Though teens with asperger syndrome, they still can learns social skills and communication. They possibly have difficulties of reading and identifying the others’ attitudes. The teens with this syndrome will have many friends but they usually get shy and intimidated when they approach the others. The teens feel different from the common teens. Though most of the teens put depression and challenges, they often get frustrated and depressed to adapt themselves. Some classical asperger syndrome characteristics in teens and adults are not getting interested in social norms, fashion, mode, and conventional thoughts. They have a big interest in a special field regarded to be smart in that field. They tend to be not flexible in mindset and cannot manage their social attitudes well. If you find those characteristics, it may become asperger syndrome in adult characteristics starting from childhood and teenage stage.

The Characteristics of Asperger Syndrom in Adults

Asperger syndrome is a long life condition. Though it tends to look stable, it requires treatments to handle it. Adults usually have better understanding from their weaknesses and strengths. They are able to learn social skills including identifying the other social codes. When you have problems in managing emotion, anxiety, depression and scary, you may suffer asperger syndrome. There are actually some other characteristics of asperger syndrome in adults including getting difficulties to give empathy to others, doing a certain activity repeatedly, being under pressure when routines change, and getting difficulties to speak including lack of rhythm, and weak and weird tones.

As you get uncomfortable to look at other’s eyes, it is a kind of asperger syndrome characteristic. It usually shows that sufferers cannot socialize, speak, and interact to others. They tend to be expert and skillful in a certain field like arts. Their sensitiveness is categorized to be high so that they cannot predict emotional environment correctly. Asperger syndrome is mostly called to be a variant of low autism. But, it has a better brain condition than autism sufferer. Generally, the smartness level of asperger syndrome is great and normal. Asperger syndrome in adult characteristics is related to the socialization inability so that many regard them so weird and eccentric. It does not harm yourself but you have to concern it more because it makes adults feel so depressed and frustrated.

Treatments of Asperger Syndrome in Adults

Many cases of Asperger syndrome are not diagnosed until getting adults. To help this syndrome, you can consult to psychologist or psychiatrist to seek helps to handle anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, there are no drugs for that condition. But, there is a possibility to increase patient’s social skills to decrease unexpected attitudes. You may combine some common treatments to cure Asperger syndrome. Here are some possible treatments to do.

Physical, Speech, or Occupation Therapy

The first therapy to do is speech therapy, physical therapy, or occupation therapy. It is beneficial to increase the patient’s functional ability to interact the others. You may include it into the list of asperger syndrome treatments.

Social Skill Therapy

This therapy focuses more on the development of patient’s skills and abilities to interact and socialize to others. It also becomes a medium to understand to be a non-verbal communication means.

Attitude Therapy

The next therapy to minimize Asperger syndrome in adult characteristics is doing attitude therapy. This therapy is conducted to handle unexpected attitudes. The attitudes are fairly influencing to the seriousness level of this syndrome. It must change it to be positive attitudes.

Special Education

Patients with asperger syndrome usually cannot join normal and formal education. To overcome that problem, special education adjusted to their needs can meet their special education needs.

Remedy Treatments

Treatment under psychologists, trained counselors, and psychiatrists can be done at home. It is called to be remedy treatment. It may apply for adults, teens, and children with Asperger syndrome. Parents must involve actively in this remedy in order to gain success. Make sure that you organize routines and emotions of your daughter or son to join this treatment.


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