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What Are Some Things You Can Do To Keep Your Heart Healthy

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What Are Some Things You Can Do To Keep Your Heart Healthy

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What are some things you can do to keep you heart healthy? This question may linger in your head as you learn about heart disease being a deadly disease. When heart gets worse, many people fail to notice it until they get heart attack. Due to this, heart attack is often referred as silent killer. If you don’t want to have the fate of death by heart attack, you need to pay attention to your heart condition. What you need to do? In general, you need to stay as healthy as possible. This means that you need to live the healthy lifestyle including staying away from bad habits, managing weight, managing stress, getting enough rest, eating healthier diet and regularly exercising.

Always Eating the Healthy Daily Diet

First and foremost, eat the healthier foods. And being healthy here is not just healthy but the diet that can help in reducing the risks of heart disease. Mediterranean diet and DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) are the examples diet healthy for the heart. A diet filled with vegetables, fruits and whole grains will be very helpful for hart’s health. Try to focus the diet to beans, fat-free or low-fat dairy products, fish (tuna and salmon) and lean meat. Aside of the recommended foods, there are also the things should be avoided.

The first thing to be avoided is particular types of fats such as trans fats and saturated fats. Always try to keep saturated fat intake around 5% to 6% of daily calories. As for trans fats, these need to be avoided at all cost. The followings are sources of saturated and trans fats:

  • Sources for saturated fats:

o        Coconut and palm oils.

o        Dairy products (full-fat).

o        Red meat.

  • Sources of trans fat:

o        Bakery products.

o        Chips, cookies and crackers.

o        Deep-fried foods.

o        Margarines.

o        Snack foods sold in packages.

Whenever you buy packaged foods, take a look at the nutrition label, If the label has the terms of hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated, trans fat can certainly be found in the foods. Although that fats need to be avoided, not all fats are bad. There are healthy fats originated from plants such as fats of avocadoes, olives, nuts and others. These fats will help reducing bad cholesterol and thus helping your heart.

Get Regular Exercise Every Week

Regular exercises will help you to keep your heart as healthy as possible. Healthy lifestyle is a combination of good diet, good exercises and other good aspects of life. Exercises are one of the things very important for the sake of health. In general, an exercise such as brisk for about 30 minutes will be enough. It’s important to spare 30 minutes for the most days of the week to get good exercises. People can also try to break the exercise duration into 10 minutes done three times every day. It’s also good if you do various activities that require you to move such as housekeeping, climbing up and down the stairs, gardening and more. Just be active.

Maintaining Body Weight at Healthy Level

In conjunction with healthy diet and healthy exercises comes the healthy body weight. Let’s not deny the fact that overweight is not a healthy thing. There are more bad things than good things coming from obesity and thus maintaining the healthy level will be important. Being overweight means that you will have higher risks towards various diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and of course, heart disease. If you currently have more weight than you should be, you need to start moving. Don’t be lazy as even the smallest weight loss will be beneficial for you.

Staying away from Bad Habits

Bad habits those will lead to bad health condition must be avoided at all cost. The one that will threaten the heart condition is smoking tobacco. Smoking with tobacco or even any kind of smoking – including the secondhand smoking – won’t be a good thing for the heart as well as the blood vessels. Smoking can lead you to the damaged heart and blood vessels. This condition will lead you to the condition where your arteries become narrower due to the buildup of plague or known as atherosclerosis. This is the condition that will lead you to a heart attack.

Why smoking can lead to such health distractions? It’s the carbon monoxide in the cigarette smoke that will replace oxygen in blood. This will increase the blood pressure as well as heart rate. Naturally, the heart will be forced to work harder to get enough oxygen supply. In women’s case, they will have greater heart disease risk when they smoke and take birth control pills. Both of smoke and birth control pills will increase risk of blood cloth and thus increasing heart disease risks.

Managing Stress Properly and Get Enough Quality Rest

These two are also very important. Some people have unhealthy way to cope with stress such as smoking, drinking and eating more. If you are one of these people, you need to start finding better way to cope with stress such as doing exercises like yoga, meditation, listening to music and other healthier ways to relief stress. Stress needs to be managed properly as it can hinder the quality of sleep. It may also hinder the supposed to be enough sleep time. Good quality sleep is also important because of health risks to the people who don’t have enough sleep.

Regular Health Checkup

The last but definitely not the least, you need to keep on monitoring your health condition. Regular health checkup will allow you to know your current health condition for good. It’s important for you to check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels as the higher levels will damage the blood vessels and the heart. Additionally, if you have family history of diabetes or you are currently overweight, you need to get diabetes screening too. What are some things you can do to keep you heart healthy? You already find out by reading this article until the end. Al you need to do is to apply the points mentioned here.


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