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What Are The Main Symptoms Of Asperger Syndrome In Adults

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What Are The Main Symptoms Of Asperger Syndrome In Adults

Everything You Need to Know about Asperger Syndrome in Adults

Asperger Syndrome is mostly diagnosed in little kids. Back in the days, it seems very unlikely to diagnose an adult with Asperger. However, since more studies have been done, some helpful techniques have been found to diagnose Asperger Syndrome in adult. But now there are two questions lingered in our head. What are the main symptoms of Asperger Syndrome in adult, and most importantly, is it actually possible for adult to have Asperger? Asperger, just like any other diagnosis in Autism Spectrum Disorder is more common to be found in child. But it is still highly possible for adult to be diagnosed with this disorder. Maybe you know someone who shows Asperger syndrome or maybe it is you. It is always best to get diagnosed and treated as soon as possible so this disorder won’t get in the way of your normal life. Here are some information about Asperger Syndrome in adult that will be useful for you.

About Asperger Syndrome

In DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) V which was published in 2013, Asperger and autism is no longer two different disorders. The researchers have concluded that there is no significant difference between these two disorders, so now they are in the same umbrella which is called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Asperger and other disorders in autism spectrum actually show similar symptoms. It is the severity of those symptoms that varied.

People with Asperger don’t show severe symptoms and most of them are still capable to function well in the society. But still, the disorder makes them face some huge difficulties in connecting or communicating with people.

The most common symptom found in Asperger is the lack of social skill. People with Asperger are incapable of picking up social cues, or body language so it is hard for them to understand jokes. They often find it hard to start conversation or communicating properly with other people that make them looks shy and reserved. But sometimes some symptoms in other extreme level can appear. When they start to talk, they tend to focus on one thing they like the most and even talk endlessly about themselves. And since it is hard for them to understand body language or facial expression other people show, they don’t understand whether they started to bore people or they have crossed the line.

The thing that distinguishes Asperger from autism is the language skill and intellectual development. People with Asperger have excellent language skill and even excel in the intellectual department. The cause of this disorder is still unknown but genetic becomes the most common factor. Even though there is no cure for ASD, the patient can lead a normal life with some treatment.

Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome in Adult

Asperger is mostly found in kids but late diagnosis often happens that a person only starts to know he has Asperger when he enters adulthood.  Several years ago, it is still very hard if it is not impossible to properly diagnose adult with Asperger. This is because the diagnosis techniques and methods are made for kids. But now, even though it is still pretty challenging, proper diagnosis can finally be done for adults and it has saved so many lives. So, what are the main symptoms of Asperger Syndrome in adult? Here are some of the most common:

  1. Inability to Understand Other People’s Emotion

Actually the symptoms of Asperger in adult are not that different with symptoms in little kids. Adults with Asperger still had a hard time to socialize with people and to understand social cues. Some adults with less severe syndrome can learn what is appropriate and what is not, especially if there is someone to guide them. But in most cases, adults with Asperger still find it really hard to read other people’s emotion and to understand social codes. They might say hurtful things or do something offensive without even realizing that it is unacceptable. These behaviors might come across as rude for other people when the truth is it is the disorder taking charge of that person’s life. Asperger patients still want relationship and friendship. But their condition makes it hard for them to keep those people around.

  1. Very Attentive to Details

People with Asperger Syndrome tend to pay huge attention to details. This is actually good in some extent because it will help them focus and achieve what they want easily. But the problem is sometimes this trait make them distance themselves from other people. They want everything to be perfect and can’t rest before every single thing goes in the way they desire.

  1. Repetitive Behaviors and Stick to Routines

People with Asperger Syndrome have their own routines and habits and they might get angry or frustrated when a change happens. Unfortunately, things don’t always go our way and unexpected things happen all the time The syndrome makes them incapable to adjust to new things and can even take drastic measures to make sure they can do things as what they usually do.

Coping with Asperger Syndrome Diagnosis during Adulthood

People with Asperger Syndrome tend to be very intelligent. They also very focus on the things that attract their interest and they always do everything perfectly. Those traits can help them advance in their field. But unfortunately, the lack of social skill and their inability to sense other people’s reactions can make them incapable of functioning well in society. Moreover, their inability to adjust with changes tends to make them feel very anxious and fall into deep depression.

Now that you know what are the main symptoms of Asperger Syndrome in adult, it is time to observe yourself. If you find those symptoms in you or your loved ones, it is best to go to the doctor and get proper diagnosis. Asperger Syndrome can be very crippling if it is not treated. The risks of anxiety and depression also can make this syndrome dangerous for you. It is never too late be diagnosed. In fact, with proper diagnosis you can get helpful behavioral treatments that will help you adjust better with the people around you.

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