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What Causes Borderline Personality Disorder

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What Causes Borderline Personality Disorder

The Causes and Overview of Borderline Personality Disorder

There are numerous factors that can be defined as what causes borderline personality disorder. Though the borderline personality disorder (BPD) may not be too strange for most people, commonly people only define BPD as such kind of mental illness. To understand more about the factors cause BPD, let us start from getting a better definition about BPD.

The brief overview about borderline personality disorder

In the simples explanation the borderline personality disorder or BPD is indeed a serious mental illness. This mental illness leads the patient to have unstable moods and behaviour. The mental illness is basically caused by aa condition in between psychosis and neurosis. People with BPD usually have extreme mental swing and have no good ability to control their behaviour. The situation lead the person to be difficult to make good relationship in their social life. In general, people with BPD suffer from numerous problems related to regulating their thoughts and emotions. They also suffer from reckless and impulsive behaviour. Thus, people with BPD commonly have unstable relationships.

The latest research in the United States of America shows that there is 5.9% of adults in America suffer from BPD. 50% of people with BPD also suffer from Alzheimer and schizophrenia. There more than 20% of patients in psychiatric hospitals are diagnosed with BPD. To know whether someone suffer from BPD a series of treatments are conducted. Generally, the treatments start from an interview to check the symptoms. The psychiatrist will also collect some data to confirm the symptoms to people who are closed to the patients. There are common symptoms of BPD such as the unstable relationship and self image, fear of abandonment, self injury, suicidal behavior, extreme mood swings, impulsive behaviour, and problems with anger, especially when the person is easy to lose temper and get involved to physical fights.

The main BPD causes

The experts agree what causes borderline personality disorder are no single cause. BPD is triggered by complex situation and numerous factors that appear together. The factors that cause BPD include several general conditions:

  1. Genetics

It does not mean that there is BPD gene that people may inherit from their parents. The genetic factors means that there are some genetic condition that leads people to be more sensitive than the other people in common. This situation may increase the risk of BPD, especially when the person is raised in bad social condition and wrong parenting.

  1. Neurotransmitters

If you ever heard people talking about they hear something in their head. It is what we call neurotransmitters. Based on scientific explanation, the neurotransmitter will transmit signals to the brain cells. Some people suffer from imbalance neurotransmitter condition, so they feel like listening to magical sound in their head.

  1. Neurobiology

Neurobiology is a condition where there is a problem with the nervous system that lead people to suffer from BPD.

  1. Environment

It is also possible that people suffer from BPD because of the environmental factors. People who are born is a hard situation or complex family situation have high risk to suffer BPS. The environment, especially the social and family situation. People who are raised to be sociopaths and experience difficult situation such as being a victim of physical, emotional, ans sexual abuse also have high risk of BPD. Children who are constantly being exposed to distress and chronic fear also has very high risk of BPD.

Reducing the risk of BPD

There are several ways that are claimed to be effective to lower the risk of BPD. The best thing we can do is to keep positive and supportive environment for children. The genetic factors and the other medical factors are not always easy to find, unless we have already known the the parents of the children are suffering some mental condition. Thus, the best thing we can to create positive environment for children especially at home and at school. The biggest psychological needs of children is security. They have to feel secure at home. The right parenting will build children strong psychological condition. When children feel loved and secure, they will not easily feel like being neglected and hurt.

It makes them easier to survive when they have to face difficult situation alone. It is also a must for parents to have good communication with children. The society can be pretty scary. At home the children may never be exposed to chronic fear and be abused, but in the outside they may experience bad things. A good communication will help parents know everything that happens to the children and how the children react to the negative experience. It will help the parents teach the children to solve the problem and face bad situation. You should also always remember to always teach them positively. Do not teach them to hate or be rude while defending themselves. No one suddenly suffering BPD. It takes a long time to make a person suffer from BPD.

How about reducing BPD risk on adults? It takes more effort than reducing the risk of BPD on children. Adults who are in a really depressing situation or who are diagnoses with unstable mental situation also need great support from their friends and family. Basically, we also have to create a positive and supportive environment. Different from preventing the children from suffering BPD, supporting adults with such psychological condition requires us to be less judgmental persons. Keep it in our mind, “They are suffering from an illness, similar to any physical illness. So they need to be cured and supported.” This mindset will help you be more open minded and support them in getting the medical treatments when it is necessary. The family should also be involved to the medical treatments, especially if the patient has to take some home treatments. People with BPD has higher self-defence. The family should really understand the exact factors of what causes borderline personality disorder to the patient so they can consult to the psychiatrist about anything they must and must not do to support the patient.

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