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What is Considered Obese?

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What is Considered Obese?

What is Considered Obese?

Are you curious on what is considered obese facts? Person’s bodyweight is rated with Body Mass Index or BMI and this will rate on how much body fat in your body that tends to your weight and health. Obesity is one condition when a person is has a great accumulated body fat that can give negative effect to their health.

People are identify with considered obese when their bodyweight is at least 20% or higher from the normal rate. When their BMI reach the rate between 25 to 29,9 this means that they are tend to considered overweight. For people who have BMI rate over 30, this means that they are considered obese. The Body Mass Index is measurement that derives from height and weight comparison.

Why People Get Considered Obese

There are many reasons and causes why people can be get considered obese. Here are some reasons from those many reasons.

·         Consume too many calories intake. Recently people are eating food in larger portion, larger variety and this lead to obesity. This tendency is increased more in developing country and then spread wider into worldwide.  The majority of people are going overeat. The increased food consumption is come from carbohydrate or sugars. The increasing consumption from sweetened drink has contributes to increased carbohydrate intake in Young American adult in last decades. The fast-food consumption has risen tripled in the same period.

·         The sedentary lifestyle leading. The developing technology such as washing machine, dish washer, computers and many more modern devices make people are recently leading with sedentary lifestyle rather than previous generations.  Less physical activity makes people are less burn their calories.  Children that have television in their room are likely to have more risk in getting obese.

·         Lack of sleeping. There is research when people are not getting enough sleeping they are face with becoming obese in double rate. Warwick Medical School research show that sleep deprivation are increase the obesity both in children and adult. This related with increased appetite as result from hormonal change when they are lack of sleeping. The Ghrelin hormone is occur as people do not get sleep enough and it causes appetite stimulation. The lack of sleep also produces less peptin production, the hormone that suppresses appetite.

·         Lower rate of smoking. Although there are not all people that stopping smoking reach weight gains, there are people that gain their weight about 6 pound to 8 pound after they stop smoking each year. There are about 10% from people that stopping smoking gain big weight amount about 30 pound or more.

·         Medication that increase weight gain.  Some medications are able to cause weight gain due to hormonal changes and the better body condition.

·         Obesity gene. People who carry faulty gene makes 1 from 6 people are overeat. Most of them are tend to eat too much, fatty food consumption, prefer for high energy and usually obese.

Who is Risking with considered Obese?

In America, it is reported that about 32% from American women are consider obese start from 20 years age and older. How you consider for being obese and overweight difference? The excess of body fat is characteristic from both obese and overweight. The difference is just in degree. Find the BMI number and you that make you able to define whether you are obese or overweight. The rule of exception for the stated BMI rate is present for person who have more muscles mass and less body fat with more than BMO normal rate such as athlete is not counted as obese when they reach large in 30. The professional care will measure body composition that involves lean muscle and body fat percentage. Other method to diagnose obese is by conducting the bioelectrical impedance analysis.

Treatment for Obese

Person that suffer with obese often discourage because they think that they need to have lose their weight before any benefit. Obese people that lose their 5-10% from their overweight has significant health benefit. It is important for obese patients to realize that just small weight drop is good start for achieve next target to healthier life.  It is stated that people that lose their weight slowly and constant is more successful rather than people that cut down their weight rapidly. The successful and permanent weight loss result is gain by increasing physical activity, change eating habit and modifies behavior.

·         Dietary changes for obese. It is best for obese people to lessen their total daily calorie intake and take more healthy food such as fruits and vegetables and whole grains.  It is crucial for dietary planning that vary and enjoy different taste of food. Reduce the consumption for carbohydrate and fats and sugar is requires.

·         Adding physical activity. More you move means you are burn more calories. To lose a pound of fat, you need to burn at least 8000 calories. Walking in briskly is easy way to start increase physical activity. Combine physical activity with perfect diet planning will increase chances for losing weight permanently by significant.  Find activities that can suit with daily fit routine is best. Takes anything that also part from your life and weave into existing lifestyle and make it as long term healthy habit is great to lose your weight.  Walk into stairs from floor to floor in your office can be rest time.

·         Medication and weight loss surgery is condition when patients with obese are not able to weight loss their weight with conventional way. The popular surgery for weight loss is bariatric surgery. This procedure involves removing parts from patients stomach or small intestine. The surgery is goals to reduce the total calories you take in each day that will help to lose your weight.

By having right treatment for consider obese patients, they are able to make better life in the future. Reach normal weight means that they able to prevent from health risk such as bone and cartilage degeneration, coronary heart disease, gallbladder disease, high blood pressure, respiratory problem, cholesterol and many more.

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