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What Is Obesity?

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What Is Obesity?

Be Careful on Diseases Associated Obesity

What Is Obesity? Obesity is a chronic and serious disease which can lead to many diseases. It has negative effects in our body systems. There are many reports of people with obesity. In United States, about 35 % of women and 31 % of men are obese. Moreover, 15 % of children in age 6 and 19 also considered as obese. The medical teams told that it happens because of physical inactivity and poor diet.  People who are obese or overweight have many risk of getting serious diseases associated with obesity such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and bone and joint diseases.

Heart disease

There are four main valves in one’s heart that pump the blood flow. They go toward passing the chambers of the heart. Valvular heart disease can emerge when there is one or any combination of the valves. This will lead to heart failure if there is no emergency medication. Diseases of aortic valves are the most general disease which occurred in more than 5 percent of populations.

Two malfunctions of heart valves, they are regurgitation and stenosis. Regurgitation happens when the valves don’t close properly. It causes the blood to pump backward rather than forward through the valve. Whereas, stenosis happens when the valves opening is narrowed or not formed completely. It slows down the flow of the blood through stiff valves.

Moreover, heart valves can occur in both of malfunctions in the same time. It happens when heart valves can’t open and close completely. The effect to the heart can be serious. The heart is not able to pump blood sufficiently through the body. Heart valves are one of the cause of heart failure.

Type 2 diabetes

There are two main types of diabetes. They are Type 1 and Type 2. Moreover, there are other diabetes such as pre-diabetes, transplant diabetes and gestational diabetes. The treatment should be planned based on the specific diabetes. Pre-diabetes is more common recently. This affects people age 20 and older. Pre-diabetes is defined because of the increasing of glucose in the blood. People with pre-diabetes have risk of having diabetes. Many people with pre-diabetes can develop Type 2 diabetes in 10 years. There is a chance of developing heart disease and stroke too. The good news is that there are possibilities to cure pre-diabetes by changing some lifestyles.

Type 1 diabetes normally occurs before 40 years old. It happens when the pancreas stooped to make insulin. People with this diabetes need to be injected with insulin to keep the blood sugar levels in normal level. Whereas, Type 2 diabetes occurs after someone is in age of 40. In this case, the pancreas still produces insulin, but it is not enough and the body is defiant to that insulin. It causes high blood glucose levels. There are some treatments to do for this type 2 diabetes. Changing the lifestyles such as doing exercise and diet is one of them. Other treatment is having medical treatment, such as taking pills or injecting insulin. If you are obese or overweigh, you should try to lose some weight.

Joint Diseases

Obesity can affect the joint problem such as osteoarthritis. This disease occurs in the knees and hips. It happens because of the extra weight put a lot of stress on the joints. The surgery of joint replacement can be done. However, for obese people this surgery is not suggested because the artificial joint has risk to loosen and cause other damage.

Causes of Obesity

The cause of obesity and overweight is not easy to define. There are many factors such as lifestyle, genetics and how people use the energy.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Measurement

To know about whether you are obese or not is by measuring your weight. You can even do it at home. By measuring regularly, you can manage your weight. The body mass index helps you to determine you are considered obese or not. If you found that you are obese or you have risk factor of obesity then your physicians will help. For serious obesity, surgery can be one of the options.

Health Effects of Obesity

Obesity has many negative effects in diseases associated with obesity. In a year, conditions related to obesity can cost more than 150 billion dollars and cause about 300,000 premature deaths in US. The health effects are described below.

High blood pressure can be occurred to obese people. Extra fat layer in body needs oxygen and nutrients. This happen because they need blood vessels to circulate blood to the fat layer. The more workload of the heart in pumping more blood, the more flow the blood through the blood vessels. More circulations of blood consider as more pressure on the artery walls. The higher pressure on the artery walls affects the blood pressure. Moreover, overweight can improve the heart rate and decrease the ability of the body to move blood through the vessels.

Obesity can cause the sleep apnea and problems in respiratory as well. Sleep apnea is a condition when people stop breathing in short period. It can disturb sleep at night and cause sleepiness in daytime. It also occurs heavy snoring. Respiratory problem related with obesity when the weight press the lungs and cause hard to breath. Sleep apnea is related to high blood pressure too.

The most dangerous diseases because of obesity are cancer. For women, being obese can increase the risk of many cancers such as breast cancer, gallbladder, colon and uterus. For overweight men, they have high risks in prostate and colon cancers.

The metabolic syndrome is the symptoms of cardiovascular disease. Metabolic syndrome contains of six main components. They are elevated blood cholesterol, abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, elevated blood pressure, elevation of specific clotting in the blood and elevation of specific blood components. It’s about one in three obese person shows the metabolic syndrome.

The last effect of obesity is the psychological. When we live in a culture that thin people are considered as attractive, obese people will suffer. People tend to judge overweight and obese people as lazy people. It is common thing that obese people only has low income and has few romantic relationship. This situation affects the obese people in psychological way.

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