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What To Do When Someone You Know Is Having Suicidal Thoughts?

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What To Do When Someone You Know Is Having Suicidal Thoughts?

1.     Have serious thought about it

There some myths people believe about what to do when someone you know is having suicidal thoughts. Some of them don’t take it seriously. The first myth is the people who talk about suicidal don’t do it. However, the result of the studies clarify that 75% suicides cases happened after weeks or months they talk about their despair. If you happen having person who talk about suicidal then you should give more attention to that person. The second myth is anyone who tries to kill himself or herself has got to be crazy. It may only 10% of people who did suicide who are in the state of psychotic or have delusional belief about their life. Most of the suicidal people usually experience from mental illness such as depression. However, many people who are depressed can live their daily well. The craziness is not the guarantee people will commit suicide. The third myth is people sometimes think that the problem is not enough to commit suicide. People said that when they know exactly completed. You cannot think that every person see the problem in the same way. Some people may think that the problem will not make a person commit suicide. But some other people will think that the problem is really big and make them depressed. It is not about the big or bad the problem, but it is more on how serious the problem hurts the person who get it.

2.     Keep in mind that suicidal behavior is a shout for help

There is another myth said if someone is going to do suicide, there is nothing is able to stop him or her. Actually, the fact that the person is alive is enough proof that he thinks he wants to stay alive. The suicidal person, in fact, is hesitant. The part of him wants to stay alive and other part of him doesn’t want to experience death to end the problem. He just thinks that the pain will be end after having suicide. The part which wants to live is the part that tells people about the suicidal. If the suicidal person comes to you then it means he believes that he can depend on you. He thinks that you are more caring and he can share his problem. He believes you that you can protect the confidentiality of the problem. No matter how bad or negative the way he talks to you but actually he has positive attitude to you.

3.     Be ready to give and find help as soon as possible

To prevent the suicide is not always on the last minute treatment. All the theories about depression told that the prevention should be done as soon as possible. Unluckily, suicidal people are scared on trying to get the help because they will think it can bring them more pain. They don’t want to be called stupid, sinful, foolish or even manipulative. They may get the rejection, suspension, punishment from the work or school. They are afraid of getting written record or involuntary commitment. If you think what to do when someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, you should help them and do everything you can do to reduce the pain. That will help a lot rather than prolong and increase the problem. Beneficially, you can involve being the side of their life as early in reducing the suicide risk.

4.     Listen

Listen to suicidal person thoroughly. Give them the chance to tell everything which can be their troubles and what makes them felling bad. If you don’t know what to say, you don’t need to talk to them. There are no words which are like the magic for them. If you are care for them, the way you sound and your behavior will show more. Don’t make them feel lonely; let him talk to relief the pain. Tell him that you are so happy and thankful that he wants to tell you. What they need are sympathy, acceptance and patience. Don’t argue and don’t give too much advice.

5.     Ask the question: Are you thinking of suicide?

There is a myth on what to do when someone you know is having suicidal thoughts which is said that talking about the question may give someone the idea. It is just because people already thought about the idea of suicides. Many suicide cases are all over the news media. This question is the best idea to ask to the depressed people. When you ask them, it means you show him that you are caring about him. You want to help him seriously and you are willing to listen to his problem and share the pain with him. Moreover, you give him the chance to release the pain he felt alone for long time. Keep checking with the questions but don’t repeat too much. It is just to check the whether the suicidal person still has the idea of committing suicide or not.

6.     If the person is intensely desperate, do not leave him alone

Try to clean up all the things that may lead to the suicide. Clear the home and make sure the person is accompanying by someone else. Don’t let them alone.

7.     Ask professional help

Determination and endurance should be seek, keep and continue. In addition, it will be good with as many choices as possible. If it needs the appointment for professional help, you should let the person you care and keep the contact. That’s what to do when someone you know is having suicidal thoughts.

8.     No secrets

The part of the person is that he is afraid to say don’t tell anyone. The part of him which wants to stay alive is telling you about it. Give your response to that person. Continuously, look for mature and dependable person you can ask for suggestions. You may ask the professional or even psychology experts. However, it is important to keep the privacy. You should not be alone as well. Ask suggestion from other person.

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