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What Weight Is Obese

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What Weight Is Obese

Knowing about Obesity and What Wight is Considered Obese

The info about what weight is obese might be a good way for you to know whether you are obese or not. Sometimes, people just feel too worried about their condition of the body weight only by seeing their body look and then they just judge themselves having a problem of obesity or overweight even though they have not calculated their body weight whether it is still proportional or it is already over the normal. Sure, you need to calculate it before you determine yourself as obese. You also need to know what weight which is considered as obese and which is normal or proportional. That will be something good for you to get the complete information about the obesity really much so that you do not need to get frustrated of what you are actually not experiencing something which you are worrying about. It is a good idea to keep calm and find more ideas about the obesity so that it will help you on deciding and determining your body weight condition actually. The obesity condition is not only about how your body looks like, as like you feel you are too fat only because you have the orientation of having a slim body as like a super model. Surely, that can be obtained subjectively only because of your own orientation about the body weight and proportion. So, it is better for you for not to determine that you are obese or overweight before you know well about it. You need to investigate it by firstly know about the problem of obesity and get the info about what weight is obese.

Knowing Well about the Obesity

The first thing we need to learn about is to know what is obesity actually then we can know much more to investigate whether we are actually obese or not. Obesity is actually the problem of the body when someone has accumulated a bunch of fat in the body and as the result there are so many bad impacts to the health which will happen then. Surely, from the outside, we can also know that someone is suffering or experiencing the obesity problem. Then, you also need to know what weight is obese as an idea for investigating whether we are experiencing the problem of obesity of not. Then, when is someone is considered as obese? Someone is considered as obese when the BMI (Body Mass Index) is over than 30 or exactly 30. Then, if the BMI is about 25-29.9, you are in the range of overweight. The normal weight should have the BMI of about 18.5 t0 24.9. Then, if it is below 18.5, you are considered as underweight. Of course you need to know how much weight you should have if you want to have a proportional body. That can be investigated easily by knowing about the BMI and how to calculate the proportional or normal weight should be. Then, if you already know about the BMI, it is great to investigate and calculate your BMI properly and you can determine or consider your body weight condition is actually. It will also help you to deal with the better program of diet for getting the proportional or normal weight.

Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index is also often called as BMI. That will be great and helpful to know about your condition of the weight. It is believed as the way to know what weight is obese for you. It is actually for you who have the standard body type, not the muscular ones. That is the measurement which is obtained by dealing with the body weight and also height. However, BMI does not measure the fat. So, sometimes it can be misleading especially for the muscular people because they can have the high BMI even though their body does not have the great fat since the weight is actually from their mass of the muscle which are totally that heavy. However, if you have the common or normal body condition you can know whether you are obese or not from your BMI. Then, of course, you will need to know your BMI. The way to measure your BMI is not that really difficult actually. Here is the formula for calculating your BMI effectively and easily:

(Your weight in pounds ÷ your height in inches) X 704.5

The result of the calculation by using the formula above will be really helpful for you to know about your BMI. Then, to determine whether you are obese or not from your BMI, here are the info you need to know:

  • If the BMI is below the point of 18.5, it is considered underweight
  • If it is between 18.5 and 24.9, it is considered as normal weight.
  • If it is 24.5-29.9, it is overweight.
  • If the BMI is 30 or more, it is obese
  • If the BMI is 40 or more, it is extremely obese.

Dealing with the info about our body weight is normal, underweight, overweight, or even obese by using the way of BMI, it might be also misleading since the result for men or women might be the same since actually between men and women might be not the same. The effective way to determine whether you are really obese or not, is to meet the doctor for dealing with the condition. However, perhaps before you do that, calculating it with the BMI will be a simple idea to try for getting and overview.

What Might Possibly Cause Obesity

Obesity can be such the worse problem which can happen to anyone. One of the ideas which you can deal with is about knowing what weight is obese and determine yours. Then, what is wrong actually with the problem of obesity? Of course, that condition will affect a lot of serious health problems as like stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, and many others. Thus, it is better for us to avoid the factors which can cause the obesity. Obesity can be caused by several possible factors, as like the worse lifestyle, bad diet, the worse sleeping habit, particular type of medication, the gene of obesity. That is such a good idea for you to get the info about obesity including what weight is obese, in order to investigate properly.


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