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What To Do If Someone Tells You They Feel Suicidal ?

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What To Do If Someone Tells You They Feel Suicidal ?

Caution Signs of Suicide

Everyone from all ranging of ages can commit suicide. Not always adult, the teenagers have the possibility as well. Then the question of what to do if someone tells you they feel suicidal should get more attention. People can feel depressed, angry and sad in their life. Mostly, they feel that way when they deal with the problems from friend, school or even family. However, some people may feel sad or hopeless which seems there is no end of it. They cannot get it away easily. For some people, even only small problems can be so hard to solve. Depression can change many areas of the life and the look of the person. A person who has deep feelings of depression, emotionally pain or bad tempered may lead the person to commit suicide.

You may have ever heard people who talk about suicide; in fact, they will not commit the suicide. For your information, that is only myth. People who talk about suicide have the tendency that they will try it. There are some cautions signs in which the person may think about committing suicide. Person who talks about death or suicide or going away may be the first caution. The other caution is when person talks about his feeling of guilty or hopeless. The next caution is when the person pulls himself away from family or friends and doesn’t want to go out. This person may also have no intention to do his favorite activities. He has problem to concentrate and think clearly. He experiences the eating and sleeping habits. Then finally, he engages the self destructive such as take drugs, drink alcohol, drive too fast and many more.

As a friend, what to do if someone tells you they feel suicidal may be confusing. If you know that this person or your friend have tough times, you should help to find what trigger the problem. Normally, certain stress, event or crisis such as break the relationship with boy or girlfriend or the death of family member arise the suicidal behavior. Moreover, if the person is already in the depressed state and he shows the cautions signs above, then it is sure that the person needs help.

What Should You Do


If one of your friends told you about suicide and you don’t know what to do if someone tells you they feel suicidal, you should talk about it. It will be more confusing if that person also shows other cautions signs. Don’t just wait to see he or she gets better. Talk to them. Mostly, people who tend to commit suicide want to share with someone else. However, they will look for someone who they think will be care and concerned about them. Many people (can be adults or teens) are hesitant to ask the teens whether they thought about suicide or wanted to hurt themselves. This is because they are scared of that. They think that by asking that question, they seem like giving idea to commit suicide. However, this is not right. The better idea is to ask them.

Beginning the conversation with the person you think he or she wants to commit suicide. It really helps for many ways. First of all, it can ease you to get help for the person. Second, by just talking about it will help the person feel he or she has companion and they are not alone. The person will feel less isolated and being cared and understood. This opposite feelings may lead to them to think about suicide. Third, with talking and having conversation offers the opportunity in considering that there are solutions and they are not alone in fighting with the problems. Typically, asking the person who may have thought of committing suicide can be really hard. Sometimes, you should provide and let your friend know the reason why you ask such question. For example, you can ask, “Lately, I have heard you always talk about wanting to die. Do you have thought about hurting yourself?”


What to do if someone tells you they feel suicidal is just listen to them. By listening to your friend, you really help them a lot. Just listen without judge and provide reassurance that you will help, you are there and you care about him or her. If you think that your friend is doing something dangerous, keep closer. Don’t let him or her alone. Accompany them and make them relax.


Even if you promised to your friend about the confidentiality and secrecy and you think you are betraying your friend, you should ask for help. It doesn’t mean you betray your friend if you tell somebody else. Discuss and share your attention with adult you trust al lot as soon as possible. Or if you don’t be confident enough, you can call the number for suicide crisis line. It is toll-free. Or you can just call the local emergency number to get the help. The most essential thing is to let the responsible adult notified. Although you may think you can help your friend by yourself, it is safer to get help from adult.

After Suicide

Sometimes even if you have got the help from the police or adult, your friend still tries to commit suicide or you just saw them die. If this case happened, you may experience many different emotions in yourself. Some teens will feel guilty specifically if actually they think they understand the cause of their friend’s death. They think they know exactly what their friends’ feel better than anyone. Some others said they feed angry with the friend who commits suicide because they think this friend is selfish. Some others will feel nothing. They are too sad and don’t know what to do with their emotions. Try to overcome those feelings of afraid and uncomfortable. If you are having difficulties with this problem, talk with someone or adult you trust. That’s what to do if someone tells you they feel suicidal.

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